What the freak was this on Facebook?

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  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    I just saw a video on FB, posted by a JW, which shows a bunch of kids singing to some recorded orchestral backup. It was recorded last Saturday, or Sunday.,

    it almost looks like the kind of Sunday School sing-a-long that you'd find at a 'normal' church. Nothing uber special, no choreography, or special costumes, YET many if the adults can be seen recording the 'event' on with the i-pads & cameras, as if it's the school play or something. Even the singing sounds off key, and off rythym, so it was obviously cobbled together by someone with little or no music background (Though, I guess window-washing requires a certain rythym).

    Seriously though, anyone know what this might be about? It didn't look like a typical Kingdom Hall. More like a larger place. I think the kids came from 2 or 3 different congregations, but I'm not sure.

    I had previously overheard a JW relative talking about an upcoming visit from a Bethelite, a few weeks back. Could it have been related to that? Or might it be a part of some pre-baptism indocrination for those kids? Btw--they were all dressed somewhat casual.

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer
    Before the talk from the Helper (forgot his name) a few weeks ago in the Netherlands, there was an interview regarding the choir, also the children's choir. And then the children's choir sang one of the kingdom songs. (Normal choir did sing a song as well. ) It was streamed in the whole country. Recorded in a convention Hall.
  • talesin

    Have you seen the "Happy at Bethel" video? :D


  • jhine

    The first thing that struck me was the privacy aspect . In England at school events parents are either banned from taking photos or videos or asked NOT to post them onto social media sites . I wonder if all the parents of the children were asked their permission to have their children posted on FB ?


  • stuckinarut2
    good point Jan!
  • Vidiot

    Sugar Shane - "...I had previously overheard a JW relative talking about an upcoming visit from a Bethelite, a few weeks back. Could it have been related to that?"

    Probably putting on a little show for the visiting Bethelebrity.

  • JWdaughter

    I just saw this Happy video for the first time. I saw the other one a few years ago from the main Bethel.

    This time it struck me as so sad-because I have rarely ever seen JWs actually or truly exuberant. If we did the "moonwalk" we would have been counseled about it. Dancing in a hall or on any of their property would have gotten any of us dragged into the back room for a lecture. Hell! I saw CLEAVAGE in this video!.

    Throwing medical supplies around, playing with machinery and making it dance. . .OK. I am not a person that is always railing at the entire WT system and all the little hypocrisies. This one though just made me cry-because I realize that while I had a "good childhood" in the sense that my parents didn't harm me beyond the occasional spank-physically, I do remember feeling constrained from even laughing out loud, from goofing off, from being silly and acting like a kid. To this day, my mom is the most joyless person I know. My aunt is a close second. Their superior, condescending attitudes put rain on everyone's parade. What is worse? I didn't change a whole lot even when I left. I am still shy about expressing myself. I have recently opened up to husband about some things (he had difficulties because of his family financial situation when growing up and everything for him felt like it was about survival, literally). I am sometimes ashamed of my "issues" because I know how good I had it compared to 99% of the world in many ways-but laughing out loud with my friends? Even if we had skating parties, we were sedate.

    I hung around a family from S. America for a season when in an area far from my home and the JWs there were a lot more relaxed than my congregation and family, but still-dancing down Bethel hallways Moonwalking? Be bopping across WT signage?? Never happen in 1985 in any part of my world.

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