Japan charges

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  • Elena

    Japan JWs were stuck in the 1950s. They never got the memo’s. Then the media made a big deal about discipline for kids and shunning ect.

    Now three foreign brothers have been sent to serve on the Japanese branch committee. They are really shaking things up.

    One of the problems they were stuck in the past was they were too formal. Calling each other brother or sister last name every time in the park or shopping absolutely anywhere. Even husbands and wife’s were addressing each other like this and when a son got baptised his mum then called him brother last name.

    now these new western branch committee bros have instructed COs toget all congregations to use first names or even nick names to be more friendly and less formal.

    All elders have been asked to make Nick names for each other and use at all times even on the platform to encourage the rest of the congregation to use them too. This is supposed to make them more approachable.

    this is only scratching the surface of the changes starting.

    anyone else got any information about Japanese branch changes?

  • ThomasMore

    I just know that the Branch atmosphere had publishers at each others throats. Younger JWs were miserable as hyper-criticism is the norm.

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