Is it just me??? or WHAT, our latest Book study book Imitate their Faith

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  • dugout
    Is it just me or as my wife says it doesn't matter. Just curious. need your thoughts please. Need to start off by saying I am neither racist or prejudice. I grew up in a urban inner big city with a variety of races. I work around all sorts. Your nice to me vice versa I'm nice to u. Your rude to me I'm still nice to you until I find out what's going on. That's how I was brought up. Here's the thing.... When I look thru the pages of this book imitate their Faith THE ART WORK all I see are Caucasian people. In fact I swear, if you shaved off some of those Beards and give them a haircut, they look just like some bethelites I know. I mean what is the Borg trying to say here. I'm sorry wifey, their were no faithful Black people in ancient times.??? What is the lesson here and don't tell me it doesn't matter. Love Dugout peace
  • OneEyedJoe
    Look at the governing body and co. and you might see how this could happen. While the membership is mixed race, the JW leadership is predominantly old white dudes.
  • sir82

    their were no faithful Black people in ancient times.???

    Well, just about 100% of the heroes in the Bible were Jewish / Middle Eastern, so, basically, no, not from the Bible's perspective.

    There was the Ethiopian dude in the chariot. That's about it.

  • Crazyguy
    Its a white American cult that's trying to apeal to mostly white people because white Americans in this cult have most of the money. Its a business.
  • slimboyfat

    Any why are angels always white?

    The sort of thing that drives Firpo Carr nuts.

  • ttdtt

    How about every chapter being full of compete speculation. Like this week "Abraham may have been preaching to the Canaanites." The there is a reference scripture that in no way implies that!

    “Do not go beyond the things that are written,” will never be a scripture used for the Year Text :)

  • DesirousOfChange

    You'd think they would sprinkle in a few token __________ like they did on the GB.


  • truthlover123

    They use all kinds of "buzz" words - evidently, likely, it is thought, probably, it is understood, and on and on..... yet ANY comments made at meetings do not pick up these words - they state them as fact, never indicating it is only a presumed wording...

    Its in every WT or Awake or whatever... take a look at the new Jesus book - all white that I can see as well. Page 34 - all apostles were white -- no trace of brown or black.... these folks were Jewish - some would have been darker that others, even living in the hot areas of the world as they were would indicate they would darken down -- better then me trying to get a tan under the tanning bed light....

  • Quarterback
    The Midianites were black. Moses wife a black Midianite. Moses son would have been black. Never did see a picture of that
  • prologos
    Mt Ararat is part of the Caucasus massive, so it is no wonder the oldie and goofies are seen as Caucasians.

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