Blood transfusions and blood fractions

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  • Whynot

    I have been reading some medical journals on blood transfusions, blood fractions and its components, antibodies, etc. It's like another language so I find myself researching the medical terms just so I can understand somewhat. has been absolutely helpful. It is definitely written well especially for people like me who have no medical background. Now, is there a book written by an ex-jw which can explain more about the physiology of blood? I have soooo many silly questions that I find extremely hard to get an answer to.

    For example, and please don't laugh I'm super ignorant lol, white blood cells are found in breastmilk but they're banned by JWs, why? How are antibodies and antigens removed from blood and its fractions? Most anti-blood articles speak of the possible death or side-effects of a mismatch of transfused blood. To be honest, this terrifies me. Cell salvage systems are listed as a possible procedure for Cesereans but OBGYNs don't recommend it as it can cause shock or death if it just so happens to introduce amniotic fluid back into mother's system.

    These are just the ones that come to mind at the moment.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome whynot to the board.

    Somewhere on this site is a Thesis by Kerry louderBack titled "The Tort Of Misrepresentation By Jehovah`s Witnesses On Blood " or something along that line .or Google it .

    Check it out .

    J.W.`s state that blood should be poured out on the ground and not be used for anything ? Quoting scripture right ?

    J.W.`s will not donate their own blood and stored for future use ,right ?

    If a J.W. used blood and bone fertilizer in his garden on a regular basis he would be counselled and if he continued to use it he would be D.F.right ?

    Then I ask you why is it alright for a dedicated Baptised J.W. to accept fractions of blood transfused into their body when those fractions have been obtained from donated blood stored and processed in a laboratory from worldly people who they have condemned to death at Armageddon, into fractions to be used by Jehovah`s Witnesses and its approved by the Governing Body ?

    Isn`t that hypocrisy and double standards to say the least ?

    Also Barbara Anderson has some good points on this topic

    and so does

    J.W.facts have excellent points to make

    And a wealth of others on this board

    Take care my friend.

  • fukitol

    There's no need to overcomplicate it.

    All thats needed is to understand two simple and profoundly liberating concepts:

    Q. What does blood symbolize in the Bible?

    A. It symbolizes the soul, the life, of the creature.

    Q. In the Bible, the prohibition on blood always involved the death of a soul. Does a blood transfusion involve the death of a soul?

    A. No, a blood transfusion does not involve the death of the soul giving the blood. There is no loss of life by the giver of blood, and so it has no symbolic value in Gods eyes. Therefore a blood transfusion is scriptually permissible.

  • lastmanstanding

    Ask a JW.

    Did not Jesus give his blood to save you?

    Do not Catholics and Muslims give blood to save you via blood fractions you accept?

    Do you not think it it time you rethought what’s more important, the symbol of life, or life itself?

  • keinlezard

    Hello whynot,

    physcally like filtration or gravity effect , or chemical reaction antibodies reacts with ( against formely ) foreign agent in blood then after this reaction we could separate from blood.

    Keep in mind that any surgical intervention is potentially lethal. So , something like transfusion is potentially lethal ... but it's very very very ....very very :) rare.

    To pursue on "white cells in breast milk"

    For the Watchtower a blood patch - formelly a total transfusion - is acceptable ...

    albumin is acceptable because it cross placentae from one vascular system to another ... but red blood cells with nucleus do the same ... but red cell are forbiden :(

    Another thing is twin it exist in the TT syndrome there is a problem in the vascular system at the placentae exchange surface where veins from a twin make a bond with veins or arter of the other twin ... if the bond is vein-vein bond it could be problematic ... if it 's vein-arter it's a BIG problem ... generally a surgical intervention is necessary to save babies.

    But there is a third possibility ... an arter-arter bond ... and this one is not a problem at all ...

    Yes I wrote arter-arter bond is not a problem , God permit that during 9 month of pregnancy that each twin could be totally transfused with the blood of is brother/sister ...

    But when, they are born ... strange ... transfusion become forbiden

    Some older reférence

    Infection And Immunity Dec 1982 p 1073-1077

    Infection And Immunity nov 1981 p 498-502 .

    Infection And Immunity apr 1983 p 8-15

    clin. exp. Immunol. (1979) 38, 585-597

    JAMA Vol. 299 No. 19, May 21, 2008 . . . .

    Ultrasound Obstetric Gynecology 2001 ; 17 ; 4-6

    In fact, Watchtower and GB knows that there is not link between blood in Bible and Blood in medical care

    in 1958 , if i corretly remember , the magazine Watchtower said ( then formelly the GB ... and God )

    " each time the blood is mentioned in the scripture , it's for an food interdiction"

    Best Regards

  • Searril

    For example, and please don't laugh I'm super ignorant lol, white blood cells are found in breastmilk but they're banned by JWs, why?

    Nothing to laugh at. In fact, you have stumbled upon the unanswerable argument that I've used against many dubs that has caused them to give up on the blood argument as they suddenly realized their position was unsustainable. Some will just drop out of the subject, and others will just start throwing out random "facts" and attempt to change the arguments or set up strawmen.

  • Giordano

    1. 4.5 million Americans would die each year without life saving blood transfusions.
    2. Fourteen tests, 11 of which are for infectious diseases, are performed on each unit of donated blood.
    3. Read more at the above site.

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