Blood Transfusion and Eating

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  • talesin

    I'm not forgetting this:

    The issue of the JWS being a
    death cult that advertises its child martyrs on the front page of its propaganda rag, the Awake! (TM) magazine, is heinous, and no laughing matter.

  • OrphanCrow
    Cold Steel: Oh, you're kidding. Just because we don't eat blood, the dog's not supposed to eat it, either?? What about your pet vampire bats? Can They eat it? And gardens? Those are some tough rules!
    Talesin: I did not know that. : P need to read your Watchtowers more often.

    Watchtower '81 10/15 p. 31

    "Consider, for instance, the use of blood as fertilizer. When an Israelite hunter poured an animal’s blood out on the ground it was not in order to fertilize the soil. He was pouring it on the earth out of respect for blood’s sacredness. So, would a Christian with a similar appreciation of the significance of blood deliberately collect it from slaughtered animals so that he could use it as fertilizer? Hardly, for such commercialization of blood would not be in accord with deep respect for the life-representing value of blood."

    Now, that is nuts. "Loopy" thinking - they must have been drinking blood when they came up with that one.

    *oh...and by the way, Cold Steel, blood transfusions are banned for pets too. If a dog is unlucky enough to belong to JWs, their fate is sealed. Jehovah wants them to die too if they need blood. reference: "Questions From the Readers," Watchtower, February 15 (1964), p. 127

  • cookiemaster
    Doubtfully Yours - No offense but MY MOTHER NEARLY DIED BECAUSE OF THE BLOOD DOCTRINE YOU ASSHOLE! There are countless situations when a blood transfusion is the only way to save someone's life. My mother had undiagnosed pernicious anemia. She also had a stomach ulcer which was bleeding. She arrived at the hospital with a hemoglobin of 3.8. A healthy person has between 12-16 hemoglobin. The doctors did not know why she had so little blood left (they didn't know about the long-term undiagnosed pernicious anemia).

    So, they had no way of making her better. She had so little blood even tests were dangerous to her. She could've died at any second. Had days left at most. A JW "assistance" committee came and basically told her doctors that they're stupid and all she needs is a substitute like erythropoietin. Only NONE of them had any medical training and were talking out of their ass because erythropoietin was completely USELESS in her condition. There was no other life-saving treatment other than a blood transfusion.

    I've begged and cried for her to save her life. Explained her all the flaws of the blood doctrine. Eventually, she accepted the transfusion. Immediately she was a whole new person with a normal hemoglobin. The doctors fixed the ulcer. Found out about her pernicious anemia. Gave her B12 shots. Now she's an relatively healthy person with a normal hemoglobin level, living a normal life.

    Had she taken the advice of the JWs (which BTW was delivered in a very aggressive and bullying manner), she would have died. Believe me, I have no words to describe how repulsive I find these scumfucks and their doctrines. Not long ago a 20 year old JW girl from my country died after a car crash because her parents didn't allow the doctors to give her a transfusion.

    This cult and this doctrine is as repulsive has the Nazi doctrine or any other filthy, despicable thing that has caused unnecessary loss of human life. Thousands upon thousands of people are loosing their life every year because of this. The JW holocaust is an ongoing one. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions adding the vaccine and organ bans) have been lost and continue to be lost because of this wretched ideology. There is no justification for this nonsense.
  • TD
    Blood is part of the deep indoctrination I can't and don't want to get rid off; don't give it to anyone, don't want it from anyone. As old as I am, have never or any member of my extended/immediate family has ever needed health treatment that could not be satisfied without the use of blood.

    It is not possible to live in a developed nation and not accept at least minute amounts of some blood components. Albumin is used as both an adjuvant and excipient in nearly all post-exposure vaccines.

  • stuckinarut2

    Im glad cookiemonster added the 'organ' and 'vaccine' bans the society held to for years!

    Now of course, they have completely flipped on those teachings! Hopefully they are ashamed that so many people lost their lives because of this faulty reasoning!

  • Vidiot

    @ stuckinarut2...

    If they were ashamed, they would have abandoned the policy long ago.


    Also, it figures that the WTS were anti-vaxxers (before it was "cool").

  • Vidiot

    OrphanCrow - "...I sort of avoid bringing it up much just because of 'Goddard's Law' and I don't like the tin foil hat label that is the knee jerk response to any mention of Nazis or Hitler..."


    It's why I use the word "fascist".

    Never had a complaint so far.

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