Fresh of the press. Bus driver for charter school faces six complaints of child abuse. He is also an elder

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  • StarTrekAngel

    The man in the article is an elder for two local congregations to South Texas. One of which I used to attend. Article was posted on a local paper last night. Well known and well respected elder. I never interacted with him personally. I will be following this closely.

  • sir82

    $320,000 bond is pretty big - this is pretty major.

    The JW connection is not mentioned in the article.

    I'll bet the local elders have already met and formed a judicial committee - will probably have the meeting onsite and DF him while he is in jail.

    DFing is a foregone conclusion - this guy has less than 0 chance. That way the WTS spokesmen can say with a straight face "oh, he's not a JW".

    Just curious - how does one one guy get to be "an elder for two local congregations" as you posted?

  • StarTrekAngel

    I have an apostate friend of mine who know him better. He may be either helping or has been moved from one congregation to another for assistance. I have not been to meetings in years so I am not sure but he tells me he is or was an elder on two of the three congregations that meet in that hall.

    I am writting a letter to the editor to inform her of the connection to the JW

  • JakeM2012

    I'm so glad that he has his hair and moustache trimmed so well, as recommended by the Governing Body; what a witness.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Interesting in that if he was helping in two congregations, he must have been well trusted by the CO to be a good elder. So much for that. I guess the holy spirit screwed up again.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Holy spirit screwed up again.... first thing I thought as well

  • StarTrekAngel

    I just found out thru my wife (she is in the legal field) that the lawyer mentioned in the article is your average Jane Doe. Not certified or specialized in anything

  • steve2

    Hair short and combed: check

    Moustache: tidy and well trimmed: check

    Beard absent: check.

    Goodness knows what he would have done had he sported a beard. Good thing JW organization frowns upon beards.

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