The fly doesn't know it's in a bottle....

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  • dubstepped

    ... the walls are transparent. So if you want to help the fly escape you first have to convince the fly that it's in a bottle, and only then can it find its way out.

    That is taken from This American Life episode 635 called "Chip In My Brain". Find it online or the podcast on your podcast app and put it ever so gently in your ear hole. You'll thank me for it later. It's quite the story and sheds light on our experiences too.

  • Londo111

    That was an awesome episode.

    A one-on-one cult dynamic.

  • steve2

    Often we humans have to get out of something before we realize we were in it. Getting out provides perspective: We look back inside from a totally new perspective and we can wonder, Why didn't we notice what was going on? Because it surrounded us from our earliest memories.

  • dubstepped

    @Londo - Yep, a cult of one. And just like JWs, he knows when to hide what he truly believes if it isn't in his best interests. Funny how those manipulative cunts seem to be able to see what their beliefs look like while still trying to hook the vulnerable with them. I had to take a minute to just let that episode sink in.

  • Londo111

    Yep, he was very adapt at theocratic warfare of his own. He should be on the Governing Body.

  • zophar

    I was surprised he was found guilty, especially in the State of Texas. It is a religiously conservative State and there are a lot of fundamentalists, many of which believe in the implanted chip being the Mark Of The Beast. No one can buy or sell without the Mark.

    That is what AJ believes too, but like you said he was excellent at employing "Theocratic Warfare" he just probably known it is called that!

    Thanks for the link.

  • scratchme1010


  • dubstepped

    @Zophar - I know right? That trial result was something else.

    I think one thing that made a mark on me was just how deep the mark was made on the kid. He was in that cult of one, but only for a few years? (didn't follow the timeline well) and look at how deeply he was impacted. Most of us here were indoctrinated for decades. Obviously people take things like that more or less seriously, and he took it seriously, but it just made me reflect on the strength shown by all of us here. We all went through so much to get here and to deprogram ourselves.

  • KiddingMe

    Thx sounds interesting! marking for later.

  • Onager

    Thanks for the recommendation. It was a fascinating listen!

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