The memorial-buffet style

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  • lastmanstanding

    I was being silly at home and suggested this to family. You know, put the wine and crackers on a table and everyone cycle through and touch the idols followed by a hand wipe sheet.

    ...and then I thought, that’s what the Catholics do, buffet style!

  • waton

    lms: that will not pass. It is not passing the emblems. at the hall, even the servers have to take their turn and sit

    while the wine is passed to them. Good thing they dont read their bible too well, it says:"reclined" for the meal. picture the servers reclining, while declining.

  • LV101

    Can you imagine the germs -- even passing that filthy wine glass up and down the trained seals rows. I freak thinking about what Hepatitis traps the Baptist/Christian churches were handing around emblems row to row years ago. Like the wrapper free cream mints restaurants use to leave sitting out at check out registers in the dark ages were nothing but Hepatitis pits.

    Can't believe JWs will waste more precious time this yr on zoom - I'd use excuse of 'technical' issues but I'm sure they're waiting for the show.

  • Maddega

    Actually, that is not what the Catholics do. The communion items are only handled by the priest and a helper. People go to the alter to receive the sacrament. Just for the record. It has always surprised me how much he's talk down Catholics when they know so very little about them, at least from my perspective as a former Catholic.

  • Ding

    Since almost no one partakes of anything at the Memorial, why have anyone present at all?

    Those who want their indoctrination can listen to previous talks (they're all the same) online.

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