Hopefully this will educate the public and help end the WT's rule of secrecy at all costs

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    cha ching

    I'm glad Barbara wrote this book - "Barbara Anderson Uncensored: Eyewitness to Deceit" - it will be an eye opener for the public who only see the polite people at carts or walking door to door. It will help them see who the WT really is through her experiences working at Bethel in the writing department.

    I liked the contribution of Bonnie Zieman and Jon Atack who additionally help expose the type of control WT exerts, and what the aftermath of child sex abuse has on it's JW victims.

    It's a fairly short book, 71 pages, it explains Barbara's reasons for continuing her activism against child sexual abuse. At the end of the book she goes into more detail, relating several experiences, this is one that made my blood boil:

    "Elders made a 16-year old Witness girl apologize to a witness man who she accused of sexually abusing her, although police were charging the man with over forty counts of child abuse."

    Typical slimebag Watchtower! And.... what did I see at the bottom of her book review on Amazon?

    Some WT like drone put a one star review trying to trash it:

    Before anyone buys this book, please know that on her own website if you would check, she blames 40 years worth of her own personal and religious decisions she made as an adult, on people whom she never met and never stepped foot in her home.
    So expect to find plenty of “everyone else is to blame except me” commentary, or how a grown woman was mysteriously “controlled” by people hundreds of miles away.
    Look her up — then will you be an eye-witnesses to deceit.

    What!? She was baptized at 14! We all know the WT doesn't have to be "in our home" to exert influence, we have all lived "the control" by seven men, hundreds of miles away!

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    Thanks for posting this! Just bought the kindle version.

  • nonjwspouse

    I gave her 5 stars and a glowing, credible review.

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