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  • snare&racket

    I was a JW in the 80’s-2000’s and probably saw the peak of UK attendance.

    Anecdotally, many here appear to have a view that attendance has reduced significantly.

    Our KH would have around 90-110 for a meeting, at worst maybe 75 and the highest was 144 (for memorial lol).

    Small circuit assembly had about 1000 people and district had about 8-12000.

    I know KH’s and circuits/districts have variance, however in the UK I attended many of these various gatherings and the numbers above tended to be reasonably average.

    So what kind of numbers are you seeing today? Are there any actual attendance figures available anywhere?


  • Phizzy

    I would love to know the attendance figures for the Congregations in my area, I know what they were over a decade ago when I left, I have no way of finding out now.

    It would be interesting if someone could give us an accurate snapshot of things in their area that they know for sure.

    The "growth", if any, over the last decade for example.

    Anyone ?

  • bsmart

    If the leaders were to want the same numbers at an assembly (and for convenience here) all they would have to do is have a couple less state wide and lo the number is increasing-apparently. Sort of like the closed congregations increasing the count of the places that remain.

    Sounds like what is happening, to me.. everyone busy living their own life and not noticing the big picture.

  • Finkelstein

    There are two congregations in my area where all indications are that the attendance has pretty much remained the same for over 30 years although the population has doubled.

    Maybe its because people can deeply research the JWS religion and the WTS Corporation and see its a long standing commercialized fraud ?

    The inter net and other sources of information are doing damage to select religious cults like the JWS .

    People just dont like seeing lies and corruption in religious organizations no matter who they are.

  • Cadellin

    One factor to keep in mind is the consolidation of congregations which, it seems, is going on all over the place. So a cong. might appear to have many more attendees but that may only be because it has swallowed two other congs.

  • Finkelstein

    Correct Cadellin and dont be surprised if the associating elders make it all sound like there is growth in their specific area.

    Spinning up smoke and mirrors (Bullshitting) is what the WTS and supporting staff do.

  • smiddy3

    So a cong. might appear to have many more attendees but that may only be because it has swallowed two other congs.

    With all of the congregations being sold around the and other`s merging I think Cadellin has hit the nail on the head and we wont get any "truth" from the WT/JW`s

    And i`m starting to doubt whether you would get the "truth" even from there yearbooks anymore or anything they print.

    We all know how they revise there own history and sanitize it.

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