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  • TheLiberator

    All of us think differently. You could say, some are rocket scientists and math mathematicians. Some are more philosophers. Others are perhaps light hearted and social and could careless about the function of a cell.

    Personally, I am in between "light science" and philosophical. There are those that read and remember every detail. But some are like me. For example, I may make a purchase after studying to death Consumer Report , but if you ask me later why I bought that item, I might give you a couple of reasons, but for the most part, I just know that I made the right choice. I may not recall many of the reasons I purchased it.

    My point? At times, some demand proof and detail of a subject that perhaps is meticulous. I certainly can't remember every detail. I just know that in the end I made the right choice for me based on evidence. I certainly don't have time to repeat research that I have already done in full measure.

    And so I just want to thank all those who are not like me, and who express the thoughts I want to share. I would list names, but I am afraid I would miss someone. All of you are like good lawyers. You actually defend me, and I really feel that way. When I read your posts and replys, I think, "Yeah, that's the way to word it". So thanks again. Keep up the good work!

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Nicely put, Liberator. I second your sentiments.

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