Gifts of the Spirit

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  • Mandybp

    If I remember rightly the witnesses believe that the gifts of the spirit are not available to them and haven't been since the Apostles.

    I'm just wondering because Jesus placed so much emphasis on healing - it's interesting that the witnesses never mention it (as far as I can remember)

  • peacefulpete

    I studied with an alcoholic fornicator who regularly spoke in tongues. The hard line that it is all demon deception has been replaced with a degree of understanding of the psychology involved. People within a group that emphasizes the necessity of these gifts as evidence of divine approval in time aquire these "gifts". It has a great self affirmation effect. There was a WT comment some 15 years ago or so that discussed the brain's power to conceal from the person themselves that they are unconciously responsible for this seemingly miraculous autoglossia/tongues. In this they showed a remarkable moderness and social insight. This objectivity is no doubt due to their being divorsed from the practice themselves.

  • Mandybp

    Thanks for your answer Pete - I really appreciate it :)

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