Nudging People to Question their Beliefs

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  • losthobbit

    I'm not a JW, nor ever was, but like most of you, I grew up being totally convinced that my incorrect beliefs were true, and kept making excuses for them. My sect was the Church of Christ.

    I remember that, even though I was convinced that I was right, there were always splinters in my mind... seemingly small holes in the logic of my religion that bugged me from time to time. I think that when I tackled these problems one-at-a-time, it was easy to plug up a hole with a simple excuse.

    In my twenties, I remember coming across a full page listing perhaps twenty problems with logic in the bible. It was different from dealing with them one-at-a-time... twenty problems at once was like a boat full of holes... you can't plug them quickly enough, and you sink into doubt.

    I've also realized that arguing never works... cognitive dissonance builds up, backfires, and the everyone simply ends up with stronger reasons why they're right.

    So, my theory is this: Perhaps if one asks thirty difficult questions, with the pretence of needing help... it may actually make someone question what they believe.

    So I wrote this blog post: Questions for Christians

    It's 28 questions on one virtual page, which should be difficult for a Christian, and perhaps a JW to answer... whether or not reading it can get them to actually question their belief - I'd like to find out. What do you think?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Right on Stephen! All the points you make are relevant to JWs. They are logical questions any normal individual would ask to protect themselves from having misunderstandings and their consequences. The very points which Christians foolishly take as 'given' in the Christian system of belief.

    There is an enormous tradition of acceptance of Biblical "truth" with so much hanging on it that so very few Christians bother to consider how stupid it is.

  • smiddy3

    Most christians don`t want to ask questions about their beliefs , they are just quite happy to have faith in what they believe.

    Then there is no problem for them.

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