Social suicide?

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    That's changing for the better.

  • smiddy

    If anybody here is a believer in a God who created us surely you must accept he also gave us a brain to think and reason for ourselves ,if he didnt he would have created us as robots unable to think for ourselves.

    In 6000 years of the written history of all nations their is no evidence of any God among all nations that such a Supreme Being ever existed.

    And if such a Supreme Being ever existed he/she has never revealed themselves to the modern world .

    And why is that ? he/she had no problem talking to humans pre Christian era ,surely it would be more important to do so now that he is going to annihilate 8 billion people at Armageddon ? Isnt he a God of love ?

    All believers have are writings from 2nd ,3rd , or 4th witnesses to something or someone who said this or that.

    Present such arguments in a court of law and it would be thrown out pronto.

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