Major JW mistake and where the Holy Spirit

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  • Crazyguy

    It's my understanding that the GB took out the text about the adulterous woman at Mark 7:53 - 8:11, (This the all important verses where Jesus says the one with out sin cast the first stone. ) sighting that it wasn't found in the oldest text. Which text are they talking about, the Codex Sinaiticus? If so then why didn't they take out the parts in the gospels concerning the resurrection and assention of Jesus because that's not in the gospels either?

    But wait there's evidence that this translation is a fraud, not only are there major transcribing mistakes but even the paper used looks more recent. Critics believe it was made in the 1600s . So if it was or is a fake then where is the Holy Spirit in telling the GB that they made a mistake by removing the text they removed from their bible? Oh GB the lengths you'll go to in order to be more and more like the Catholic Church. No salvation or forgiveness of sins unless you go through the organization.

  • darkspilver

    menrov gives the footnote from the NET bible on the following thead...

  • Earnest

    As darkspilver noted, you are no doubt referring to John 7:53 - 8:11 which is the pericope about the adulterous woman. You are correct it is not found in codex Sinaiticus. It is also not found in codex Alexandrinus (missing), codex Vaticanus, or codex Ephraemi (missing).

    I am not sure what fraud you are referring to but if you mean the codex Sinaiticus there is ample proof including carbon-dating and palaeography which dates it to the fourth century.

    If you do access the link provided by darkspilver you may find a list of the uncials and the papyri helpful in understanding the symbols denoting them.

  • Crazyguy

    Thanks for the link Darkspilver, I forgot about this earlier thread. Looks like it's not in the Septuagint either . How many of these older bibles not have the resurrection and ascension of Jesus in the gospels?

  • Earnest

    It wouldn't be in the Septuagint as that was a Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures before the time of Christ.

  • tor1500


    Nobody wants these verses in the bible...but it shows the true nature of Jesus...he didn't judge her so we aren't supposed to either...Jesus don't look at adultery like humans do....he doesn't judge...that account is for all people's not our job to judge....that's the moral of the story...

    Even if it shouldn't be there, it should be in the bible...

    It was taken out because of clergy and THE ORG/ those who judge....because it's more to the average person's advantage than it is for GB's, Elders, Pope, etc....

    If you get brought in to be DF'd or can use their old bible with that account in it...and slap it on the desk tell this...then bounce. You may get DF'd anyway, but you planted a seed...


  • waton

    at one time, wt took these verses seriously, ,. I remeber comments to the effect, that in the law, the first of 2 witnesses had to throw the first stones. and nobody wanted to admit that they were eye witness (with lids, covers closed) to an adulterous act.

    bsw. There are other gems to confront JC with, like: "judgement will start with the house of god," leaders will have a more severe judgement" will be judged the way you are judging. my reply to them, you can do what you want, but remember, you are only judging yourselves.

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