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  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    Is the Watchtower's concept of 'perfection' biblical?

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Highly unlikely IMO, good point have always questioned that teaching.

  • waton

    even perfection is no excuse for really big blunders. Satan, Eve, Adam, The "perfect" nationals at the 4 corners of the earth after the millennium. All in wt's dreamed up world.

    WT's perfect mistakes.

  • scratchme1010
    Is the Watchtower's concept of 'perfection' biblical?

    Maybe, maybe not. Depends on what you mean by "perfection" and by "biblical". I do know that whatever the WT has to say about anything is pure bullshit, though.

  • waton

    wt once defined perfection as "perfectly suited, created for it's purpose". you fill in the details.

  • smiddy3

    And what exactly is the Biblical concept of perfection ? Adam and Eve ? Satan ? GOD ? by whatever name one calls him/her ?

    None of the above have demonstrated to be "Perfect" whatever that really means.

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    Does the bible even say Adam and Eve were perfect? Or Jesus? Or that during the thousand year reign humanity will be restored to perfection? I always got the sense the perfection part was added in by them.

  • venus

    JW notion of sin and perfection is no different from Christendon's view. A person may sometimes get swelling on his leg and may have limped a few times—but he is never called lame. Similarly, a person may at times slip into selfishness and use his free-will to his own harm or to the harm of others—but this does not make him a sinner because the ability to perform virtuous acts also exists in him. If one’s occasional sinning does not make him a sinner, sin of another person such as his parents (immediate or distant) can also never make him a sinner.

    But an insightful one would not agree because he finds an avalanche of proofs against this. We find variety of people acting/reacting differently in same situation: Some do more righteous acts, some do more sinful acts, and others mix them in varying degrees, one-time sinners changing into saints, one-time saints changing into sinners, some very poor people who refuse to steal, and some very wealthy people who steal in various ways… etc. This shows people choose to act the way they like which means they are not sinners from birth—resulting in all sorts of people from sinless to the sinful ones. Interestingly, even Bible makes many references to some sinless persons who lived in the ancient times (Genesis 5:24; Job 1:8; Psalm 18:23; Ezekiel 14:14; Luke 1:6 …etc.) and human capacity to perform righteousness. (Habakkuk 2:4; Hebrews 10:38).

    If we are not sinners from birth, when does sin arise?

    Our experience shows that beliefs and attitudes are linked. For example, if one truly believes in the principle “one reaps what he sows”, he would not display a casual attitude towards life, but he would think before acting and be alert to do good to others and to avoid doing harm to others as far as possible. That means from beliefs, attitudes are formed; and from attitudes, thoughts are formed; from thoughts, action is produced; from repeated action, tendency and habit are produced which in turn determine one’s destiny. For example, a person steals for first time and he was not caught; then he goes on repeating it and a tendency to steal comes into existence. Similarly, a person chooses to give joy to others and stop giving sorrow to others, and he reaps accordingly which in turn makes him repeat the same and a tendency to do good comes into existence.

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