Does home schooling really work?

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  • eyeslice2

    It strikes me that 'home schooling' is something often favored for JW kids, I've come across a number of families that do just that lately. And, that got me thinking, is this just a cop out for a proper education?

    I am sure it is pretty difficult for a home schooled kid to get into a good university to study something like law or medicine. Oh hang on, that's exactly what they want isn't it?

  • Xanthippe

    It depends on the intelligence of the parents. My niece was home schooled by very intelligent parents, both exJWs, he's a computer programmer, she taught herself to speak Japanese. My niece now has a bachelors degree, a masters and a PhD.

    My sister's children on the other hand were raised by JWs and haven't done so well. My eldest nephew is very bright and is doing 'something in computers' which could mean data entry for all they've told me. The other two nephews as far as I know are still living at home, they're in their thirties, not sure if they even have jobs. I haven't seen them for fifteen years.

    My niece did struggle with sixth form college at sixteen to do her A levels because she hadn't been socialised by school but she seems to be very confident now and she works in London.

  • nonjwspouse

    Done properly, with dedicated parental involvement and using resources of other parents or outside classes in areas of expertise it is much better. Also plenty of socialization activities, such a sports, arts like music and theatre etc, it can be much better than a traditional school.The opportunities to expand on a subject are endless when homeschooling. The amount of time taken up in a traditional school setting by logistics, and keeping the same schedule of learning for everyone can hold a child back when they need to move forward, or push a child forward when they need more time to focus on a particular subject.

    I personally know of two physicians, a dr in theology teaching at an Ivey league school, and many others with advanced degrees and doing well for themselves, that were properly homeschooled.

    The flip side is when a parent isn't involved, or doesn't take education seriously. I know of two JWs who were homeschooled, now in their 30's. Both struggle, one still lives at home, the other is supported by his wife!

  • ToesUp

    If it is done correctly. In the state we live in, it is a big thing. They have groups who home school and these groups get together for events and field trips.

    I think when some JW's do it, it is solely done to keep the kid out of the "world." If the child is in a dangerous area or is miserable, it can be a good alternative. Some JW children who are so protected can go batshit crazy, once they are let out of the "JW cage." We have seen this happen. Parents have to remain VERY involved.

    Home schooling was not a alternative for us. Our kids have turned out fine and have learned how to deal with everyday life and different personality types. Kids have to learn to function.

  • blondie

    I have found that it especially depends on the commitment of the parents, especially the one doing most of direct teaching and the personal contact they have. I have found that being intelligent and/or having a university degree does not necessarily equal being a good teacher. It can help but it can hinder as well. I have seen jw parents that basically put the books and worksheets in front of their children and waltz off to work. Because their is a built in distrust of outside agencies, they may go to so-called jw websites for structure. Many homeschooled children in non-jw families also coordinate with other like families for educational outings, field trips, etc. Not likely with jw families. Many jw parents have dropped off their children at the meetings for field service and expected the adults their to babysit their children.

    Homeschooling by jw parents and non-jw parents takes someone willing to put in the time concentrating on equipping their children to be able to support themselves. It is not something that you work around employment, WTS activities, and parental play time.

  • Vanderhoven7

    My wife homeschooled 3 of our 4 for 18 years. One is a college English professor, the other a PhD in biochemical engineering, the last, our daughter, working as a program assistant for ICAO a branch of the wild beast of Revelation.

    1 teacher for 3 students worked far better for us than 1 for 30 in the regular system.

    OK so my wife and I both have ed. and special ed. diplomas and she went on to get her master's in ed. psych.

    Living on one teacher's salary for those 18 years was admittedly a bit of a strain.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Depends on the parents education and cult indoctrination, home schooling can be idea if these match up and cult indoctrination don't get in the way of teaching science and history.

  • LongHairGal

    Home schooling only works when there are educated parents who are actively involved with the homeschooled child’s education and follow all the recommendations to the letter.

    While a few JW parents might fit this description, too many others do not. Their child is being brought up in a broom closet.

    If this is not done right, the child is being cheated out of their education and will be ignorant and barely literate and will need to seek remedial education when an adult.

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