The Greatest stories ever heard...

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    This opening O.P is better written by Pete Townsend than I.

    " I'm Free"

    I'M FREE- I'm free,

    And freedom tastes of reality,

    Im free- I'm free

    AN' Im waiting for you to follow me.


    If I told you what it takes

    to reach the highest high,

    You'd laugh and say "nothing's that simple"

    Yet no one had the guts to leave the temple!

    Im free- I'm free

    And I'm waiting for you to follow me.


    Wow those lyrics are bang on the money, and for all of us now " Free" we have on this O.P the opportunity to tell some of the greatest stories never heard.

    Let me start with my story. My defining moment was " I woke up" and I made my mind up to leave. My wife was very good about it, and though some weren't happy about it, my little boy was. And here i am. Not much of a story is it? But I think only by keeping the story simple was I able to leave. I hope that makes sence? Because of course my journey out often went at a hundred miles an hour, but those challenges never over came my objective to leave.This is why I tried keep the challenges of leaving, as flirting boundaries and my boundary was respect. If you respect me, you respect my decision, if you don't respect me and my decision to leave then " take care" but I am leaving.

    That's my story, how about yours?

  • bittersweet2K

    Hey Rebel: At the risk of sounding adversarial, which I don't mean to be, perhaps Pete Townsend is not a person you would want to emulate. I'm a huge fan of The Who, but dude, come on, Pete Townsend???? UH, dare I mention he was busted for thousands of child porn videos on the 'hidden web'. Give Rodger Daltrey his props for his singing and performance.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    bittersweet.. thank you for that post, I did think of Townsend and his child porn when I started the O.P. You are correct, I stopped listening to his music, not when I heard the charges, but when I heard his justifications. The fact he was my hero as a kid, and a wonderfully talented man does not justify quoting his lyrics. But then again he wasn't charged and others may feel differently.

    Hope this O.P gets back on topic, with positive stories on why we left the W,T.:-)

  • bittersweet2K

    Rebel: Where there's smoke there's fire (dare I mention Michael Jackson)? That being said, on to the topic at hand. I'm free, I'mmmmm freeeeee and freedom tastes of reality.............

    Bittersweet, name speaks for itself for all that know what goes along with leaving the organization.

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