young ones try and be friends with older ones

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  • Akid48

    Know before I say anything the title might make go like ''What?Are you going to say that its bad for a younger person to be friends with a older one'' No not at all I think its a good thing that a kid should have at least one older person they are friends with.

    Now,I dont think young people should not try and talk to some one older than them or become friends like I said.But to me it seems more like a cover up for the watchtower because a lot of young people when they can most will likey want to get out and leave.Now to me all the time when I see a congregation there are more older people than younger.Young people mostly want to have a friends there age,but that's hard most family's say ''We dont want to have kids in this system.''Which leaves a low amount of kids in a congregation.

    What I'm saying here is that not all congregations have 12,13,16,5,6 year old kids so kids that age dont have many friends to start out with. So I see the hole thing on making friends with older ones and you should be talking to older ones more as a cover up to that problem.

    I might be wrong about this hole thing but I wanted to talk about,as some one who cant really have friends because there is no one my age I could really talk to.

  • just fine
    just fine

    I also think they want to encourage friendships with older ones to try to control the natural actions of the younger members. Older ones tend to be more indoctrinated and less questioning - and can guide young ones to be the same.

  • Akid48

    @just fine

    Thats a good point that would be a good reason

  • caves

    Personally I love talking with people older than me. Most all the friends Ive had were people older than me.

    Jw or not I think having older friends is good advice.

    I know having had younger friends I felt younger. lol

    Having older friends made me realize, they to, went through a lot of the same stuff I had.

    At the end of the day age is really a number. I have met 60 year olds that were as immature as a teen. (but not in a good way) I have met younger folks that were more mature than someone twice there age.

    Having older friends is not just a jw taught thing, its a human connection thing.

    Jws do mix basic psychology, with there teachings. Its one of the 'hooks' as they bundle it up with crap.

    Also I wanted to add that young people do need to have others around there age to chat with. But when you hit around 30+ that might change a bit.

  • Akid48


    You’re right it’s not just a JW taught thing and like I said In my post I don’t think it’s a bad idea to talk older people.I love talking to older people and having a interesting conversation with them.But it seem like a way for the Watchtower to cover up the fact that you don’t see as many young ones which could be a problem for younger people looking for friends.

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