Those who are covertly awake.

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  • Thisismein1972

    OK, I work as a taxi driver, and have had a few witnesses in my car already. As there is no where to run, and being in a confined space, there is no choice other than to create small talk. After all, shunning someone who is essentially responsible for taking said witness home could lead to a rather embarrassing outcome!

    These witnesses I cannot comment on. However, I did have one witness young lady wave and smile at me at the taxi rank a couple of days back. This witness is also a pioneer, so she is supposed to new uber "loyal" to the org! As I disassociated myself from the tentacles of the org, wouldn't I be worse than those who are DF'd? Wouldn't I be on first name terms with the evil one?

    So my question is, are there more awake witnesses than we ever thought possible?

    ---edit--- something that just came to mind. I was told by another pioneer that this young pioneer didn't want to pioneer, and she felt forced into it by her friend (another story) and her mother.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I was in town and an Elders wife went out of her way to say hello with me and inside I burst into laughter. It was appreciative laughter, as I realized it wasn't a question of being "awake" to watchtower indoctrination. It was simply human nature and this lady was simply unable to shun a friend. As for the shunners I don't blame watchtower indoctrination, but I do question the shunners human nature.

  • Vidiot

    "Covertly Awake" would be a really cool username.

  • joe134cd

    I would be interesting to know the captive audience Wt has, and just how many would walk with the right set of circumstances.

  • Hadriel

    I used to think there were a lot of covert fades. However I'm not so sure anymore. I say this because until you have something solid to stand on and say hey this is all foley people tend to stay in thinking "what if they're right?".

    What I do believe is that there are many that are ripe for the picking. What I mean is that it will only take one incident to open their eyes and then the whole thing falls like a house of cards.

    Once you do honest research you cannot continue believing in the organization, it's leaders or ideology. Simply isn't possible.

    But again something has to happen to trigger them in such a way that they honestly investigate their faith.

  • prologos

    Try to find other "awake" ones by parading around with an awake magazine prominently displayed in your hand, I used to play that game by putting the "do you want to know more about the bible" tract folded into my jacket pocket like a kerchif. no one bit, but there is nothing wrong asking someone coming off the magazine counter: "are you awake???"

  • flipper

    THISISME 1972- Very interesting experience- thanks for sharing ! I bet there are a lot more awakened and enlightened covert JW's out there than we realize. It's just that they are SO controlled through fear and guilt by the WT organization and scared shitless about getting exposed to still in JW family- that these people would be hard to detect. Hopefully we will get more glimpses of these covert JW's as more and more negative news comes out about WT child abuse and other injustices being committed by WT leaders. Peace out, mr. Flipper

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