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  • Jerryh
  • Journeyman

    Yes, it seems that article will be studied on the week of July 24th, so for most congs that would be Sunday July 30th.

    I'm not sure what you mean about there being no matching "answers" for the paragraphs? When I look up the electronic article I can see the usual content. Here's paragraph 15 where 1919 is mentioned:

  • Gorb

    Some understanding took a while...


  • Jerryh

    Okay the questions and answers are adjacent.


  • Konagirl
  • punkofnice

    They're very delusional.

    Still no refining about the Governing Body(tm) (Pee be upon them) and their protection of sexual predators!

  • Rattigan350

    The GB is not and has not been protecting sexual predators. There is no Ann Frank going on here where they are hidden in the attics of Kingdom Halls or homes.

    2006,2012 the seriousness of viewing abhorrent forms of pornography is clearly emphasized???

    So the non-abhorrent forms are ok?

  • Riley

    I wish the faithful slave would give me a list of pornographic website sites that are " Non-Abhorrent ". I would like to call my local elder and tell him I am about to rub one out, Please I need direction. What would even be more funny is if they gave it to me. " You can watch two guys on one girl , just as long as the guys don't make eye contact. That would be homosexuality ".

    Seriously, progressive revelation is absolute nonsense.

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