I had been waiting for this video since 2013... DEFINITIVE PROOF that the Flag is placed in Kingdom Halls in Chile!

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    Now with English Subtitles!

    This is the DEFINITIVE PROOF that Kingdom Halls in Chile display the flag. A brave person went inside the Kingdom Hall while the meeting was happening and took video of the flag being displayed inside the Kingdom Hall property. Then, at least two Witnesses try to explain to the person why they display the flag, saying, essentially, "it's the law".

    This video was taken while it was still light out, the flag is CLEARLY VISIBLE, and we even get an explanation from witnesses.


    It would take the most hardened fanatic to be able to deny this video.

  • cofty
    It would take the most hardened fanatic to be able to deny this video

    Countdown to Fisherman's denial .........

  • ILoveTTATT2

    LOL. Already there are comments on Youtube denying it...

  • Marie33

    I just posted this to Pinterest and Twitter, omg. And I thought the boogie fest at the 2014 International Assembly was bad!!

  • krismalone

    I wonder what those poor Malawi JW's that were raped, beaten, and had their houses burnt because the GB forbade them from buying the political card for the only party think about this video.

    What hypocrisy and double standards when it suits their interest.

  • sparrowdown

    I wonder what would happen if brothers elsewhere started displaying flags as a gesture of good will towards the government.

  • berrygerry

    I wonder if they would install a cross if the government ordered that.

    Reasoning Book

    Do such patriotic symbols and ceremonies really have religious significance?

    1989 Yearbook

    To express their solidarity with the new regime, people were required to decorate their windows with the flag bearing the swastika. In the small town of Knittelfeld, Sister Altenbuchner lived in an apartment that faced the street. Time and again, local representatives of the regime approached her, demanding that the swastika flag be displayed in her windows. They made it known that if she declined to do so, she would reap the animosity of all her neighbors. Apparently she faced a united hostile front. For reasons of conscience, she decided that she would not hang the flag. The consequences? She was given a court order to vacate her apartment facing the street and move into one assigned to her at the rear of the house, where no display of flags was required—a solution that she never had expected.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    My Mother and Father grew up in Europe in a country where Protestants were outnumbered and looked down upon by Catholics. They grew up being restricted from local activities, were often taunted for not being Catholic and were sometimes made to sit at the back of the classroom in school.

    Later after they grew up, my Protestant Grandmother was invited to play the organ, one Sunday, in the Catholic church in the village and she did so. I remember my Mother being utterly incensed at the idea that her own Mother, after all they had gone through out of loyalty for their Protestant beliefs, would even enter the Catholic Church let alone play the Organ for their Sunday service.

    This is how I feel about this business of flying the Chilean flag at the Kingdom Hall....can't believe they've found a way to rationalize this. I guess I shouldn't be at all surprised.

  • joe134cd

    Pete Zahut - these are my sentiments exactly. I just think this is an absolute slap in the face for those who under went so much hardship due to the flag issue. Just to avoid having a pay a $400 fine. The hypocrisy is absolutly unbelievable.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    On Youtube, someone asked if they are breaking any principles by displaying the flag. I argue that they are:

    According to the Watchtower, the flag is an idol.

    * g93 7/22 p. 17 The Courage to Put God First * Can the flag really be considered an idol? Few would seriously argue that it is a mere piece of cloth. It is widely treated as a sacred symbol, and more. Catholic historian Carlton Hayes put it this way: “Nationalism’s chief symbol of faith and central object of worship is the flag.”

    * w10 5/1 p. 31 What is a Kingdom Hall? * In a Kingdom Hall, however, you will not find any of the religious emblems and fixtures typically associated with the churches of Christendom. There are no altars, images, or crosses on display. Why not? Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the use of such items conflicts with the Bible’s command to “flee from idolatry.”

    So even if it is a law, They should reply with Acts 5:29: In answer Peter and the other apostles said: “We must obey God as ruler rather than men.

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