In answer to question ( can a man wear skirt on stage). Governing Body member Jackson

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  • wozza

    Well that does not work for me ,the link just directs me to my Gmail account

  • possum

    Sorry I am an absolute Luddite! I tried to delete this post when I realised it wasn't working properly. Just wanted to share an assembly that my husband and I went to in Samoa where Jackson paraded around in traditional skirts. Also. another part of the video shows him using (very enthusiastically) rugby (which is very competitive in Samoa) as a talk and yet they won't let kids play voilins.

  • Clearview

    Here you go. Hopefully it works.

    Edit: I just watched the video more closely. With that skirt and a regular jacket on he looks like an idiot.

  • sparky1

    One good thing about his skirt is that it is modest. You can't see through it and discern what sort of underwear he is wearing. Maybe he should be 'cut and pasted' into the resurrection video!

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