Can awake jw find a way of getting to know each other in real life

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  • Consciousguy

    Hi new to this forum but not so new to ttatt. I was just wondering how nice it would be to know each other in real life. I have got few friends in jw who are fully awake but still hanging because of family. But our real life association is really good. Real freedom of speech and expression. And always relaxed

  • smiddy

    Hi , Consciousguy ,

    Welcome to the forum .We hope you enjoy your stay here , open up , let`s know something about yourself OK ?

    Your not new to the TTATT ?

    You want to know about each other in real life ?


    How about you start , tell us a bit about yourself , name ? where your from , Baptized ?Born in ? How long have you been in the cult ? What woke you up to the cult ?

    Start anywhere you like buddy , pm me I`m always ready to talk with newbies and new interests.


  • Vidiot

    I know a couple XJWs and TTATTers in realspace.

  • Consciousguy

    I was brought up in this nonsense. But I would say early on I was really a believer, devout, serving as ms. But something went ''wrong'' maybe its just my nature, what doesn't seem right just doesn't seem right and I couldn't help it. I am not the type who just believes when there is no sufficient evidence or believe because you have been told so or you will die. I think that is what drove me out mentally. But I wouldn't have been able to do that without my friend's help who just trusted me enough to tell me how he really feels as against the status quo. We help each other out of this. I would never have known he has so much in his mind. .The more we talked the easier it became for us to see through the childish logic of the gb. At some point we almost deluded ourselves into thinking that no one in the kingdom hall really believes anything, but that's not so true especially with sisters, they are so much of a believer......

  • oppostate

    I thought this thread would be about coming up with some sort of secret handshakes to let each other know we were awakened to the WT's cultish crap doctrines.

    My one connection with another awakened JW was through the website which we now don't even think of going to due to their connection to the Urantia Book--Funny business there!

    I've reached out to some at the KH who I thought would be open to some anti-witnessing but it backfires and I've been getting burnt everytime.

  • Vidiot

    Since the recidivism of young JWs is about 67%, I often wonder who I knew growing up is now a fader or TTATTer.

  • LisaRose

    There are sometimes meet ups in some areas for ex JWs to get together, there is one coming up in Northern California. You could say where you live and see if there are others from there who know of any up coming events.

  • hoser

    I've played the sleuth on this site and found some ttats nearby to where I live and I've also reconnected with some old friends that have faded. I've also had some contact me by the same means.

    Not everyone is willing to out themselves though. The watchtower fear of being outed runs deep

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    That's what Apostafests are for, isn't it?

    Also, I believe we absolutely know who's an awakened JW; it manifests itself in their behavior, speech, demeanor.


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