How much of a " free-spirit" are you?

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I think every one wants to be a " free- spirit", but what does that really mean?

    I ask the question because :-

    A) I decided I would not give the religiouse organisation I belonged to the power to force me to rebel within its organisation, when the " free-spirit" inside me no longer wanted to be controlled by this religion.

    B) I now realise the " free-spirit" within me that demanded independence from W.T control has also come with great consequences, which has now made the price of my liberation seem shallow.

    Anyway I am not well educated, but I do NOW appreciate the psychological and emotional consequences my actions have had on my family, and friends. This post is not looking for sympathy, and having done a full self- examination of my actions and in spite of everything, I am still actually relieved I followed my " free-spirit"

    So why the thread?

    Because I think if we look inward, and rational and if we try to live by our own standards and beliefs, we must still respect the boat with the failing engine of those navigated by false beliefs, So being a " free spirit" is great, but not if we expect a fantazy ending.


    It is from the acceptance of powerlessness, that I now see individuals not on religious, physical, economic, social or intellectual truth, but as individuals. You can call me a fool, but this is my responce to my once having been held captive by Watchtower controlled thinking.

    Or rather maybe I should say I have learnt all opinions and beliefs should be valued rather than petulant self assertion answers that "i am right" and "you are wrong" statements.

    I say this because........

    The Rebel.

  • Heaven

    Freedom means you have the right to choose. As a JW you don't have that right.

    I chose to be intellectually honest with myself and others. I had to go through a lot of examination of the beliefs I was raised upon versus facts and reality. When reality does not match the myth, one has a choice - either accept reality or continue to lie about myth being truth.

    I chose not to lie. I put my own life plan together and executed it. This is why I could never be a Jehovah's Witness. I never got baptized. As a JW you must tell lies as truth and you must accept their plan as your plan for life. If you do this, you will never be happy. Accepting someone else's plan as your own will likely not work. Choosing how you go about your own journey should be entirely up to you.

    As part of my journey, I tried to show unconditional love to my JW parents. It was difficult at times but ultimately worth it. I chose to be an example of a 'worldly' person who was not evil. Even though my parents were mean-spirited towards me on more than one occasion and constantly attempted to convert me, I stood my ground, pointing out the logical issues with what they were presenting. I tried to remain kind and emotionally calm when they would get snarky and angry.

    As he got older, my Father told me he would rather have my help than the help of his spiritual family because I am supportive. He is no longer able to witness. His dementia prevents him from being able to construct complete thoughts and sentences. But I always tell him I love him. Even when he is sleeping, he smiles when he hears my voice because I have shown him love throughout the years.

    The best advise I can give anyone about this religion is .... NEVER get baptized. Once you do this and discover later it isn't what you thought, you are in for a heap of hurt. Remain emotionally calm when your family is getting upset with you. This takes practice but it can be done. I would ask logical questions that they were not able to answer because they knew the correct answers contradicted their beliefs. I always tried to give them something to think about even if it angered them.

    If you do not follow your 'free-spirit' you will always be enslaved. You will always live in a cage.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Heaven " If you do not follow your " free-spirit" you will always be enslaved. You will always live in a cage"

    The Rebel:- 😀😀

  • flipper

    Great thread Rebel- thanks for posting it ! I agree with Heaven a JW person doesn't HAVE the right to choose whether or not to be a free spirit. You are told what to choose, how to think, who your " friends " are, and how to live, eat, breathe, sleep and what to do with your time. As a JW your time is not your own, it's the WT Society's time and you are a slave who serves the WT leader masters and their purposes and intentions.

    It's disgusting how much " obedience " is drilled into the heads of each and every Witness. Just sit and think how MANY times we hear that word " obedience " in many of the WT publications . Then sit here and realize how DANGEROUS that word is to be so indoctrinated into rank & file JW's brain. " Because of being taught to be " obedient " it makes JW's ignore ANY criminal conduct on the part of the governing body members or other higher ups within the WT Society. JW's don't have access to their critical thinking brains to discern if their leaders are wrong or not- because they are told that they are always right and not to be questioned ! They are PROGRAMMED to think and exist that way. And THAT is even more dangerous because then JW's REALLY become enslaved as victims of the Stockholm Syndrome whereby they become accomplices or complicit unwittingly with any crimes the WT leaders commit as JW's support them because they are told to support WT leaders NO MATTER WHAT. Deceived into thinking WT leaders are being " persecuted " for what normal people view as crimes against humanity.

    So yes, I AM a free spirit after being out almost 13 years from this organization. I am no longer enslaved and relieved and happy for that. I can look at the JW's and WT Society from a distance now as kind of a " sinking Titanic " type of organization. The band is playing on the ship's deck claiming " Armageddon " is coming and telling people to get onto the WT Society " Titanic " as the ship ( the organization ) is going down financially sinking deeper and deeper into it's own criminality and malaise , corruption, and scandals. Pretty weird scene

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP, The Rebel.

    Although I'm ok with self-discipline I generally don't like to be pigeon-holed by others. So, in a way, I'm a bit of a free spirit.

    To me, being a free spirit means being free of organized religion.

  • ToesUp
    100% and proud of it!!!!
  • Giordano

    I would refer to myself as a responsible free spirit. My wife and I left the irresponsible WTBT$ and proceeded to live our life on our own terms. We grew and prospered.........we built solid friendships and close family relationships that have withstood the test of time.

    If we had stayed as believing JW's we would have been diminished by 75 to 90%.

  • Sabin

    Pocahontas! Mulan! They were free spirits. Look at the trouble they got in to.

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