The stupidity of Christians in connection with the problem of child abuse

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    The current issue of the UK Spectator magazine has a story about Pope Francis:

    Quote: "On 2 January, the Vatican published a letter from Pope Francis to the world’s bishops in which he reminded them that they must show ‘zero tolerance’ towards child abuse. The next day, the American Week magazine published an article that told the story of ‘Don Mercedes’ — Fr Mauro Inzoli, an Italian priest with a passion for expensive cars and underage boys.
    In 2012, Pope Benedict stripped Inzoli of his priestly faculties, effectively defrocking him. In 2014, however, they were restored to him — by Pope Francis, who warned him to stay away from minors.
    Then, finally, the Italian civil authorities caught up with this serial groper of teenagers in the confessional. Last summer Inzoli was sentenced to four years and nine months in jail for paedophile offences. The Vatican, under ‘zero-tolerance’ Francis, refused to supply evidence that prosecutors wanted."

    Francis has the same "christian' problem that JW elders suffer. They all believe that if YHWH/JESUS forgives you, then you must be accepted into (or back into) the Christian congregation (church). They forget that sexuality is not just another sin, like ripping off the contributions, but can actually be (or, come to be) part of your psyche.

    Little is understood as to why someone may become sexually fixated on pre-pubescent children (or pubescent children for that matter). Richard Sipe, a Catholic psychotherapist (and former seminarian) suggests it may have something to do with a person's first sexual experience (which can be an overwhelming experience) and that person does not mature in a normal manner, but his/her sexual development is curtailed by the Christian concept of evil, sin and guilt. This person remains fixated on that first experience and never moves past it.

    Repeat incidents will be accompanied by the whole Christian repertory of shame and guilt, followed by repentance, until desire once again overwhelms the person. How easy it is to see the fixation in terms of the constant Christian battle against sin, and miss the real problem. As ex-witnesses we need to appreciate that this problem is a universal problem, made worse by Christian theology dealing with sin, repentance and forgiveness.

    The real answer (if Sipes' understanding is correct) is to somehow help the sexually immature become sexually mature, a task that becomes more difficult as a person ages, and made even more difficult by wacky Christian ideas about the nature of sin.

    Cant even begin to imagine our former loving brothers (as elders) having the wisdom to attempt that task. And sadly, they would reject the 'wisdom (and experience) of the world' and not look to experienced therapists for help for such people.

    Note: The above incident concerning Pope Francis is from a current electronic copy of The Spectator Magazine: Reference:


    Richard Sipe biographical extract says: "

    A.W. Richard Sipe is devoted full time to research into the sexual and celibate practices of Roman Catholic bishops and priests. That path now leads him to the study of the sexual teaching of the church and its effects on behavior - especially sexual abuse of minors by clergy - and the tangle of sexual problems that some people claim are blocking every religious agenda and destroying beyond repair the credibility of the Catholic Church in sexual matters. ...
    Sipe has no professional sympathy for the cardinals and bishops and other ranking church officials who cover up their crimes. "Some of them are so terrible," Sipe says. "I mean the plain lying that I've seen, bishop after bishop saying, 'No, this was never true. I don't know anything. I can't remember anything.' And sometimes the bishop just smiles. One bishop said, 'I only lie when I have to.' "

    A.W. RICHARD SIPE is a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor who earlier spent 18 years as a Benedictine monk and priest. He was trained specifically to deal with the mental health problems of Roman Catholic Priests. In the process of training and therapy, he conducted a 25-year ethnographic study of the celibate/sexual behavior of that population.


  • scratchme1010

    Great read. Thanks.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Sexual repression, it is a huge problem for the religious and creates all kinds of trauma for its victims to deal with.

  • Vidiot

    Put even more simply, sexual repression fosters sexual deviancy.

    Anyone who hasn't figured that out by now probably never will.

    It's a bit of a catch-22 actually, when you think about it...

    ..."orthodox" Christian denominations can't condone too much free expression of sexuality because it's too easily refuted by their scriptures, but in doing so, can't help but place their members at higher risk of sexual predation due to the deviation that said repression inevitably creates.

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