"50 Years a Watchtower Slave" Chapter 3 Part B

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    new boy

    The Bible study aids they had help explained to my mother why god got so pissed off in the first place. It seemed that in the beginning of in creation with Adam and Eve, Satan challenged god to a contest. Satan said that given enough time he could turn everyone on the planet against him.

    Satan won the first round of this contest with Jehovah, when he turned the first two perfect people away from him, Adam and Eve. So god wanted a rematch, so he said sure bring it on. So for about six thousand years Jehovah and Satan have been fighting over who could get the most followers? Now the time is almost up. Very soon the ladies told my mother the very great day of god the almighty was coming. The great war of Armageddon.”

    The war between god and man. The funny thing about this war, was god was going to kill billions of men, women and children because they chose Satan instead of him. It turns out that there is only about one Jehovah’s Witness to every thousand people on the planet. So most of the people are not going to make it, just like in the time of Noah. God’s answer to this huge loss in the popular vote is to kill off all those who voted against him. If you read the bible this has been going on since the beginning of time. One of the biggest causes of death on the planet is god.

    However, Armageddon will be the granddaddy of all massacres on the planet. I say massacres and not war because no one can fight against god. It will just be god wiping out most of mankind. It sounds like one hell of a massacres to me.

    So what happens to Satan the devil then? He gets death too… or even torture for sure? Nope, god gives him mercy. Yes, billions of his followers get death, Satan gets a long prison sentence. That right, god has a better idea, he is going to put him prison for a thousand years. It seems god has another plan for him. God likes to test people and Satan is good at this. So after a thousand years god is going to let him out of jail. He needs to test all his perfect people one last time. So now, if you choose correctly you get everlasting life with the rest of god’s people. If you choose incorrectly you get squashed like a cockroach. This seems like a no brainer. But according to the Bible a big percentage of the people would reather die then live with god’s people for eternity. So let’s look at the score board and god’s track record so far, according to what the Bible says happened and will happen in the future.

    Adam and Eve, Satan got two people, god zero.

    Noah and the flood, God saved only eight people and killed millions of Satan’s people.

    The great world of Armageddon, God’s people number only about seven million, Satan’s people number around seven billion.

    After the Great War and at the end of the thousand years of peace? We don’t know. But the Bible says a “great crowd” would go Satan’s way.

    So numbers wise it looks like Satan has three or four victories and God zero.

    I sorry for getting side tract, so back to my mother’s indoctrination.

    It was a year of hard studying for my mother to get this all straight. Getting inside the mind of god is not easy stuff.

    Anyway after a few weeks of studying the bible with her new friends, it was time to meet the rest of the congregation. I didn’t remember the first meeting we went to. I was too young but I heard about it years later. Yes, everyone “Love bombed” my mother. What is love bombing? It goes like this. You go to the meeting place of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, their Kingdom Hall. They will introduce you to many different people all with smiling faces. They will then love you to death. The “Love Bomb.”

    “Norma this is Sister Jones.”

    “Norma we are so happy you are here.”

    “I love your baby Norma, just call be Brother White.”

    You get the idea. Everyone loves you. We are all brothers and sisters in god’s big happy family.

    Yes, my mother finally found a home. A real home with people who really seemed to like her. After years of being an outsider and with no real family around at least ones she liked, she got her adapted family finally.

    She never asked my baby sister and me if we wanted to join Mom’s new family. She of course didn’t consult my pussy wiped father either. How many people on this planet are religions their parents choose for them? I would guess the vast majority.

    They say everything in life is timing. It’s so true. Timing is everything! Ask any salesmen.

    There is a story about a man in New York City who is of average age and build, nothing special to look at. He spends all day long walking up and down Madison Ave. He walks up to 150 to 200 women a day. He looks them straight in the eye and asks them. “Do you want to fuck?” And yes, his face gets slapped often. He gets cursed at. There is a lot of upset women after that rude question. He also has sex with two or three of these women a day who like his question. He said in an interview “some of these women were really gorgeous.” He also said. “It’s all about timing and persistence.”

    What is the purpose of this story? I guess to illustrate the concept that no matter how wacky or strange an idea can be, if you talk to enough people there are always a few whack jobs out there that think it’s a great idea. Yes, it’s the good old spaghetti principle, you throw spaghetti against the wall some sticks but most of it doesn’t. Of course, that is why there are telemarketers. If no one bought the strange stuff these guys are selling on the phone there would be no telemarketers.

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses at their circuit assemblies would share wonderful stories about people who were getting ready to commit suicide. They were tired and done with life. However before they did kill themselves many would beg for god’s guidance or a sign of some kind from heaven. A few minutes later, a Jehovah’s Witnesses would knock on their door with the “good news.” Of course they would think it was god coming to the rescue. If we look at the facts, that thousands of people are thinking about killing themselves on a daily bases. How many of those people are thinking about killing themselves on Saturday or Sunday mornings? This is the most likely time that a Jehovah’s Witnesses will be knocking on their door. Sorry can’t kill myself right now, god is knocking on the front door. The timing is everything.

    My mom was looking for a new family besides ours and she finally got it. My mother loved what the two little old ladies were selling. She got a god, a religion, new friends and most of all hope. Yes, the timing was perfect.

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    God’s answer to this huge loss in the popular vote is to kill off all those who voted against him.

    Metaphorically, this sounds a lot like recent US politics....

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