Greetings and Request for Help

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  • AGuest-Again

    Greetings, all -

    It's been awhile since I've been on this board and I am not here to stay (so stay calm, please, Simon). A good, dear friend of mine... and possible yours... OUTLAW needs some help and I've come back solely for the purpose of asking for that. A couple of days ago, OUTLAW lost everything... and I do mean everything... to one of the wildfires burning in British Columbia:


    Thankfully, he is okay (he and his neighbors were all evacuated about a week ago, but the raging fire stormed through his home and everything around it).

    OUTLAW's son has set up a GoFundMe account and I wanted to share that with those here who might know/fondly remember/think kindly of OUTLAW and wish to help. You can find the GoFundMe page here:

    Thank you and may JaH and Christ bless and keep you, whether you are able to help or not. Not my business.


    A slave of Christ,


  • Justaguy


    i hope you swing back by and check the thread, you left the same link twice, meaning we cannot actually help outlaw.

  • AGuest-Again

    Yes, sorry, and thanks for the heads-up, JAG. Here is the link:

    Peace to you!

  • Hotpepper

    Outlaw , was a great addition to this site. And a always made me laugh and feel comfortable. I wish him well . Love ❤️ Johnny cip

  • WingCommander

    How do we know you are not entirely full of shit (as usual) and this isn't some con set up to line your pockets?

    How would you even know OUTLAW, since he's not in the a mental ward like you?

    Can't believe we're even seeing you on here............

  • Earnest

    Give Shelby a break. Outlaw described her here as "one of the dearest people I know here on JWN". Besides which the gofundme page is organised by Jacob Colt for his father. If you don't like her posts just ignore them. Why such vitriol.

    As with all pleas for money, caveat emptor.

  • TD

    Thanks for the heads up, Shelby. I always liked Outlaw. He was a hoot.

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