Are Christians Promised Heaven or Earth?

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  • BoogerMan

    JW's share a belief which most Christian denominations teach - heaven awaits! (at least for 144,000)

    (Matthew 20:28) ...the Son of man give his life as a ransom in exchange for many.”

    What does a 'ransom' normally achieve?

    (1 Timothy 2: 6) Christ Jesus, who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all.

    Corresponding to what? If Adam had not sinned, what were the prospects for all/some of his descendants? King/priests in heaven?

    Can a ransom ever buy back more than what was lost? If Jesus' ransom did, how could it 'correspond' to what Adam lost?

  • waton

    wt doctrine is, that the "anointed" get the right to everlasting life through partaking, and they then sacrifice that acquired right, as Jesus did, to aspire to immortality in heaven.

    which begs the question, if the anointed partakers get the right to everlasting life on earth, why does wt not allow those that do not want to go to heaven pastake, to get at least a crack at the basic ransom offering? ? After all, Jesus served the emblems to those with an earthly kingdom hope?

    Jesus: " you will be with me in Paradise" , even without prior partaking. just for a few moments of countable "service time".

    Everlasting life on Earth is impossible, the planet and its furnace is half finished. so:

    make that a temporary paradise on this planet. aka heaven on Earth, or paradise in heaven.

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