Hello! I am back!

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  • Iamallcool
    Hello! I am back! I just bought Ioad Pro recently. All I had was my I-Phone, I did not feel like posting from my I-Phone. I left my property caretaking job more than one year ago. Been there for more than 6 years. They had a very nice desktop computer. I am now in my parents home but my parents are in the Nursing Home now, both of them has Alzheimers. My Dad messed up his PC. :( It is here but too many issues with it. Maybe at some point, I will get it fixed. I just got Pension from the Telephone Company where I worked there for 9 years, I was laid off. I was surprised that I got Pension way too early. I hope to get Automation Controls Apprentice Job soon. I just want to do something different. Once I am good at it, the salary is very nice.:), Maybe I will go back to property caretaking, but it is not that simple to get property caretaking job. Nice benefits, free rent, etc...Did I miss anything since. I have posted here? Anything new?
  • xjwsrock

    When did you last post?

    One thing that is different with the org is the change of meeting format mid-week. They dropped the kingdom ministry for a "workbook". Really it was just a reshuffle of the meeting to bring in more digital content and be a distraction from their financial problems /construction shut-down / bethel layoffs / special-pioneer layoffs and such.

  • Heaven

    Hey iam... there's always lots new going on. The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse investigated the JWs last year (Case Study #29).

    Right now Botchtower is money grubbing big time. They're even asking the JW kids for their ice cream money.


  • oppostate

    Welcome back, lama.

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