An Atheist gives Credit To Religions

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  • smiddy

    Even though I now consider myself an Atheist and have little time for religion as such , I have to acknowledge that some religious institutions , and even some I would consider a cult more so than others , do a fantastic job in the field of charitable works.

    For so many in our communities who are disadvantaged ,in one way or another , the down and outs , for a better phrase , those that have succumbed to alcoholism , drug dependency , mental illness in it`s many forms , homeless people , juveniles suffering abuse of one sort or another at home , domestic violence , etc. etc. the list just goes on and on .

    Yet their are religious charitable institutions who are at the forefront of helping these people offering and lending a hand both physically , emotionally , and even financially to support these people without judging them .

    So even though I consider myself an atheist I can commend what these religious institutions do to for these people..

    I can`t say the same thing for Jehovah`s Witnesses who will take , take , take and give nothing in return.


  • Xanthippe
    The Sally Army do a lot for the homeless and hungry.
  • xjwsrock

    Amen Smiddy

    I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of charity and thus lack of care on the part of JW's.

    Anybody with any sense can see that their "preaching work" can be interpreted as simply recruiting for their religion.

    What happened to being sensitive to the "appearance" of wrongdoing?

    Attention Governing Body!

    You have the appearance of not giving a damn about starving or dying people or those recently abused. Guess what? Your kingdom hope..... Does nothing for a person struggling today. It does nothing for someone with 3 months to live. Nothing... Read your bible. Jesus didn't just recruit people and give his followers busy work.

    I am an active elder.

    I SEE you.

    I SEE you.

    I will not be silent.

  • talesin

    St. Vincent de Paul does a lot. It's completely run by the parishioners (RC). In my city, they have 2 hour coffee house; coffee, tea or juice and a sandwich and pastry every day for all who come to the door. They give out grocery cards to anyone who calls them, and never ask about faith or pray. They provide space for all the addiction groups.

    The Lutheran Church provides free meeting space for any group (including an African Church that is not Lutheran but can't afford their own chuch), their congregation donates and fundraises, a different charity every quarter (they choose homeless and battered women's shelters), and knits prayer shawls for anyone who is sick and could use a cheering up (regardless of faith).

    The Episcopal Church downtown, has a coffee house and meal every Friday morning. There is a small food bank offered as well (staples, like potatoes, onions, bread, carrots, etc.). They serve special dinners on Easter and Xmas - yes ON THE DAY, which is unusual.

    The SDA Minister here has received the Order of Canada for his contribution to the community. He started the first Food Bank over 25 years ago, and expanded to a furniture bank as well.

    That's a very short list of local churches that help out (I used to work for Phoenix House with homeless youth). I could list at least 10 more.

    There are so many heroes and volunteers in the religious community. I've found that it's a parish thing, a congregation thing - it varies from place to place. But one thing is for sure, many religious people do charity work in the community.

  • menrov
    Talesin, thanks. Only when one leaves the WBTS it becomes obvious and clear that it is the WBTS that hardly does any charity at all and that, in contrast to the WBTS teachings, many other religious organizations spend plenty of their funds and network to do good in the community and beyond.
  • smiddy

    Xanthippie , yes the Salvos are well known for their practical love of neighbour .

    xjwsrock ,The more people in a position to expose the WT organization for what it is the better .

    talesin , Thank you for providing that info ,knowing their are far more religions that are actively engaged in doing something practical to help the needy and not just giving them a WT saying this will solve all your problems.

    menrov ,Thanks for your comment , however I don`t believe the WT does ANY charitable work at all full stop.


  • Lieu

    Our area has individual churches and some sort of consortium that will pay a person in needs rent and electric. No questions asked. They also run various types of shelters, kitchens, food banks, abuse programs, etc.

    Their are parishioners who go around to fire victims and hand them money and food items.

    In general neighbors who will bring water, blankets, and chairs for anyone involved in a personal tragedy. No questions asked.

    These are good "works".

    A JW has been led to believe "works" are handing out WTBTS literature.

  • rebelfighter
    Smiddy and Tailsin, are correct there a lot of these charities out there. On these forums I read exJWs wanting something to do all these places will welcome helping hands and it is a great way to meet new people. They are all run by volunteers.

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