Worldy governments and the WTBTS are closer than most think

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  • no-zombie

    Every day I read the web log of Generational dynamics. It a political/current affairs commentary, which over the years has proved to be quite insightful. However, today's commentary (for the 23rd) is quite relevant for Witnesses and I encourage you to have a look at it, if you have a few minutes. Because for us, its not that hard to see the application between the attitudes and behaviors of certain despotic regimes and our own beloved Governing Body.

    no zombie

  • venus

    I liked references to “Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi who could be face genocide charges.”

    Today’s victim is tomorrow’s victimizer.

    WT specializes on harping on the flaws of Christendom, yet they are too intolerant about the same treatment when it is given to them by others.

  • flipper

    Indeed. I see no difference between how the Trump regime works and the WT Society leadership. Both dictatorships. Oh boy , I better hide behind a rock- I see the arrows flying at me now ! lol

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