Yes, its true. God can give us happiness in paradise!

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  • sinboi

    Happiness, sorrow and anger are just our emotions.

    God can easily give us happiness by taking away from us the emotions of sorrow and anger.

    That will happen immediately after the big A.

    When you see your loved ones killed at A, you will be happy. You no longer has the emotion of sorrow.

    No one will scold you as noboby has the emotion of anger.

    You will always be happy and smiling.

    This is what being perfect means . You do not label anything as good or bad.

    If you are interested, register at your nearest kingdom hall. Hurry up! Watchtower says that registration is closing soon! not interested! For me, I want to be sad when my dog dies. I want to be happy when you give me a million dollars. I want to be angry when someone offend me. In other words, I want to be a human being. You consider those in paradise humans? Human should be able to have the emotion of happiness, sorrow and anger.

  • punkofnice
    sinny - In other words, I want to be a human being.

    Yes. Same here. Cults like the Jobos offer the impossible but you have to put your life on hold to obtain it. You have to give the Governing body your time and money.

    Funny how religions offer you the reward after you die but there's no demonstrable evidence there is actually any existence after we pop our clogs. No one ever came back and told us. Some may make claims that dead ones have come back but they cannot prove it.

    I prefer reality to the comfort of a lie.

  • Finkelstein

    Paradise may appeal to are emotions at first where god will remove humanities perils but its not based upon reality, its based solely from human imagination derived from ancient mythology .

    From that realization it therefore makes humanity's responsibility to improve the living existence accepting the physical world of which we are a part of.

  • sir82

    This is what being perfect means . You do not label anything as good or bad.

    Interesting. The JW interpretation of the Adam & Eve Genesis story is that they were perfect, and should have left the definition of "good" and "bad" exclusively, solely, to God.

    The JW "paradise earth" is supposed to be a return to "Edenic conditions".

    So, yeah - in the JW version of paradise, check your humanity at the door, 'cause you can't bring it in.

  • steve2

    A paradise built on the rotting corpses of billions of fellow humans, including every single baby and child whose parents are not JWs?

    No thank you. The thought disgusts me.

  • scratchme1010
    Yes, its true. God can give us happiness in paradise!

    Sure. And the Earth is flat.

  • Ireneus

    The God who kills majority for the sake of a microscopic minority exists only in the imagination of Bible writers who also wrote Joshua stopped sun from revolving till he achieves victory over a war he was fighting. Real God that exists outside the purview of Bible is unconditional love because

    1) He has fine-tuned the universe whose too obvious teaching to us is that we must fine-tune our activities to benefit us and others. He has never asked anyone of us to give Him worship or honor; but has given us, on a daily basis, the proof that He doesn’t favor worshippers because they pray to Him nor He punishes those who dishonor Him by denying His very existence. Thus His action proves that He is unconditional love. If humans are going to be killed, that would be because of the arms-merchants of the earth whose ego and greed is greater than the size of universe God has created.

    2) God has planted life only on earth which looks almost like a dust-sized particle in comparison with the vast universe (which thus leaves the basis for spirituality that we have no basis for fighting war small or big between individuals or nations (individuals collective) because the earth we reside itself is only dust-sized ruling out the possibility to create an ego for humans and thus to grow it greater than the size of universe.

  • BluesBrother

    When I was a dub ( grown up that is) I reasoned that paradise would not shield us from life's sadnesses ... it would just mean that we would have the mentality not to grieve over the loss of your dog. The consequences of ,say, losing a horse in labour , for wexample, would not be so great.

    Looking back, that makes us seem kind of heartless and super-rational, like Mr Spock in Startrek. I would not want to be that way now.

    I would add that the hope of paradise does make them happy . " Roll on the New World" I hear frequently from oldies struggling against infirmity. It is a pity that hope will never be realized. Many have died looking confidently towards it .

    What really lies ahead , if anything ? I wish I knew.......

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

  • Vidiot
    "God can give us happiness in paradise!"


    Ned Flanders says so:

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