Online RNWT, a ruse for ever revising text

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  • Lostandfound

    Lots on here about encouraging use of tablets (discouraging Bible use) almost considered apostasy a few years ago. But online version can be changed instantly as has happened to such as bound volumes to erase past. Will the text slowly morph into TM3s book on dress dispensing with words of Jesus, or problems with generations conveniently erased so no need to try and deceive? How long before Bible Students become GB students, new books in scriptures by Herd, Morris and Lett etc, Morris 1:1 " Let no man be adorned in tight pants, for it stops the sacred bloods flow"

    The religion I knew from the 60s would die in shame at today's antics.

    Luxury apartments for the few while rank and file instructed to simplify (and send cash from downsizing to HQ)

    Erase the past , write the future, was it 2040 I hear, got taken in by 1975, probably dead by 2040 and still the sheep wait, or are they not sheep now? Herds herd.

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