1988 Devine Justice convention

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  • Dwnundah


    I would like to confirm when (month?) and where the 1988 Devine Justice assembly (Lang park?) was held in Brisbane, Queensland.

  • skin

    1988 was the year I started studying with the JWs.

  • Atlantis

    List of locations including month. You may need to view page 30, but this will give you an example.

    The “Divine Justice”
    District Conventions

    Click image to Zoom in. See highlighted month.

    Continued on page 30
  • Atlantis

    Page 30 of the same Watchtower.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    There was a bomb scare at that convention, everyone was evacuated and streamed out onto the surrounding streets.Pretty sure it was late in the year, Nov/Dec.

    Yes- Lang Park.

  • Gorb

    The convention of 88, Baptised at 17.

    Remember the revelation book and the religious leaders at Assisi.

    Times! And memories.


  • wozza

    Ah the 1988 Divine Justice convention ,my memory is it was November too but I lived in Adelaide and had to travel to Melbourne Victoria for this with my wife and children where I was assigned to work in the "Security "department.

    Perhaps Lang Park was on at the same time but don't recall. But what I do recall in Melbourne is it was pretty hot and alot of us were sitting on our own chairs on the sports oval as there were so many people there.

    Some clown in the security department from Adelaide had a bright red station wagon prickled with antennae and cb radios with a large sign on it saying "SECURITY" and full of self importance!

    And up till then I thought Jehovahs org was so smoothly operated till I sat in our car in the heat for 2 hours or so trying to get out of the carpark at the end of the convention days, what a disaster it all was.

    It was one of those magic moments that helped me leave the delusion of the JWs behind years later.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome Dwnundah ,I remember being at many Conventions at Lang Park and I was present at the one where a bomb scare took place.But I can`t remember what year or month it was .I also attended some conventions in Melbourne ,Sydney , Adelaide and Hobart over the years. 1960- 1993

    But don`t ask me what names and dates they were .LOL

  • Overrated

    "The Devine Stupidity " Con-vention Yeah I was there, can I remember it, no.

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