Getting kicked out of a Hall Cleaning...

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  • confuzcious

    Hey Guys,

    An experience just came to my mind and was wondering if anyone else had experiences of bizarre restrictions...

    Anyway, I was just publicly reproved and was on restriction so I wasn't allowed to comment. OK, fine...

    Well, the congregation was having it's big Memorial cleaning day, but I decided to go out in field service. I was allowed to do that.

    So I go out in FS and decide to make a return visit to my Bible Study and his family and invite them.

    I tell them about the big cleaning and I get him and his wife and three children to all come down to the hall with me to help clean. I figure it's going to be a good witness to see all the hard working dubs.

    I get there with all these "unbelievers" and we all start cleaning.

    And then NO LIE, the elders pull me aside and tell me I have to LEAVE THE HALL CLEANING because I was under restriction.

    I was like, YOU HAVE TO BE SH*TING ME?!?

    I bring five unbelievers to the hall as a witness and you're going to kick me out??? And the family I brought were working side by side with me picking weeds and stuff at the hall.

    So I left the family there to work and told them I had to go to work or something and just left.

    At the time, I was starting to grow my hair out and it was already way past the "legal" over the ears mark. I guess they got upset at me.

    Anyone else have any bizzare restriction stories???

  • Vivamus

    Well, thats just bizarre!

    I don't have anything like that, I was never put on restrictions, they just kicked me out immediatly . But I do have to say this, while I was being DF for kissing below the waistline, there was this sister that ran off [18yrs old] went to Turkey, hooked up with this fellow, got pregnant and was merely put on restriction. This was at the same time while I was being DF, for nothing remotly as shocking as that

  • TresHappy

    Huh??? Never heard about that. But nothing I hear about the JW's surprises me anymore. What a bunch of loons, those elders!

  • Pistoff

    vivamus said:

    But I do have to say this, while I was being DF for kissing below the waistline,

    Is that for real? You really admitted it, and they had the bad grace to question you further???

    What morons they really.

  • shamus

    Totally doesn't suprise me.

    They are such doorknobs. Its okay though - it only shows how bad "the truth" really is, and how little they care.

    What a bunch of freaks!

  • Francois

    The beatings will continue until moral improves.


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