Does anybody have any idea how many ex JW sites their are around the world ?

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  • smiddy3

    In a conversation I had with a JW at the door some time ago he mentioned that their were heaps of apostate websites dishing out false information about Jehovah`s Witnesses .

    I mentioned to him that if they were ex JW`s , so they knew about the religion ,maybe they are trying to tell you something.?

    It just went over his head and that they all had an axe to grind.

    Anyway I was just wondering if anybody has done a count as to how many do exist in the whole world ?

    Even approximate guess-timations ?

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I only visit this exjw website now but I've lost count of how many separate exjw groups I belong to on Facebook.

    There used to be a plethora to choose from and I joined quite a few when first exiting but they were harder to navigate and often a repeat of posts already here.

    A few years after I had left the cult I realised the cult still hadn't truly left me but I needed to cut down the time and attention I gave it so picked my favourite 2 sites to visit but the other one folded so now I just visit this one.

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    I entered into the Google search line: ex JW sites
    and it answered: About 43.500.000 results (0,44 seconds)

    That's pretty impressive.:-)

  • zeb

    what does ."About 43.500.000 results (0,44 seconds)"..mean, please.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I got "About 37,800,000 results (0.76 seconds). It only shows that message on my computer not my phone tho.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Zeb asked, "what does ."About 43.500.000 results (0,44 seconds)"..mean, please."

    "About n results" are the number of matches the search engine company has in their database for the keyword [or phrase] you searched for.

    "n seconds" is the how long it took for the search engine to give you an answer.

    Be aware that even though a search engine will tell you it has found forty-three million results, it will only show you about one thousand of them. If you went through all the results displayed you would find that often before you reach page 100 the search engine will stop giving you results.

    Also you should no that just because Google (for example) says it has forty-three million results does not mean that there are precisely forty-three million XJW sites (for example) on the internet. The internet is HUGE and it is unregulated. Search engine companies like Google employ the service of "Cleaners" (censors) who remove inappropriate search results from the DATABASE - not from the internet - so they can't be accused of promoting child porn or snuff movie (actual murder) sites. These exist but you can't find them by the usual means.

    You will also often find that some of your search results are repeated a couple of times or more. The bottom line is that "forty-three million" is essentially a meaningless number. If they said they had "speen squared times minus i" results it would be almost as helpful, unless you are doing some kind of geeky results-measuring contest.

    A recent TV show on PBS in the USA dealt with the matter of "The Cleaners." It is very interesting, and you might be able to view it here;

    The people who do this work are poorly prepared for their jobs, I think, and some show signs of PTSD after viewing material they find repugnant for a few hours. Others find a new "secret vice" and enjoy some of the subjects with which they were previously unfamiliar.

    The world is wonderful, brilliant, full of hope and depraved, dark, abusive and uncaring at the same time.

  • Simon

    A search for ex jw sites will include results that just have the word 'sites' in ... you're not really limiting it to just exJW ones.

    A search for exJW returns about 400,000 results.

    These are pages, not sites ... so the number of ex-JW websites is pretty small really. But it doesn't need to be huge, as long as the information is findable.

  • Vidiot
    smiddy3 - "Does anybody have any idea how many ex-JW sites their are around the world?"

    Couldn't tell you, but I'll bet there's a lot more of 'em than there are pro-JW sites. :smirk:

  • steve2

    Smiddy, yes JWs will say, "If you want to know what we believe, ask us, not apostates." Fair enough. Then JWs will tell you what apostates "believe". So, if I want to know what apostates believe, I'll ask them, not JWs. Fair's fair, right?

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