Finland JWs

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  • asp59

    Finland’s Jehovah’s Witnesses may find themselves joining the military for the first time in decades, as the Ministry of Defense now contemplates a more “equal” draft system disallowing their exemption as discriminatory.

  • zeb

    It will be interesting to see how the holy sp..I..r... the gb decide this one.

    • In call up for the Vietnam war I was told to oppose the call up and that it was my idea.
    • There was NO offer of legal help.
    • Alternatives to military service were not on.
    • there was no mention of legal support or the costs there of.

    Later the holy er sp..I..r.. er gb decided alternatives were ok there was no apology to the young men or their families who had had their lives thrown in the mincer.

    I began my departure from the borg when it was revealed that the wt would hand over the fs reports to the South African authority as proof or not of the brothers zeal. I saw this as sheer blackmail to get brothers more (MORE) involved.

    Now consider this they freely handed over fs reports but when in time the law required case histories of known paedophiles its close shop, shut the vault, clergy privilege and all the other crap they come out with.

    Me? alternatives such fire fighting, paramedic, and the others mentioned I would have jumped at.

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