Kingdom Services Selling Old Junk

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  • Chevelle

    What a pathetic state if affairs.

    Are they really this clueless and desperate?

    Most organizations would just toss this stuff in the trash bin.

  • FFGhost

    They've been having these sales for years, if not decades.

    Why not? There are undoubtedly hundreds if not thousands of JWs who would slobber all over themselves joyously at the prospect of owning something that used to be used for "Jehovah's service".

  • Journeyman
    Most organizations would just toss this stuff in the trash bin.

    Yes, and they add to the waste and inefficiency problem in the world.

    Nothing wrong with passing on these items as such.

    However, there is one aspect where I think they're being disingenuous here. Under their 'About us' section it gives the purpose of the site:
    The purpose of this website is to sell construction equipment, tools, and materials that were purchased for and used in the recent construction of the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is in harmony with the spirit of Jesus’ words at John 6:12, "so that nothing is wasted".

    But in the context, John 6:12 is about gathering up the excess loaves and fishes, which Jesus had freely provided, for later.

    A principle the org often likes to quote is at Matthew 10:8 - "You received free, give free". I don't know how many of the items they're selling were donated, but even the ones bought by the org would probably have been purchased using donated funds originally. So shouldn't they be giving these items away, like Freecycle (with perhaps just a nominal postage and packing cost where applicable)?

    Ok, if you wish to sell them as second-hand items like eBay, just do it. Don't make some tenuous link to the scriptures to try and justify it! Just a thought.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Agreed, their prices are not at all competitive and provide less customer protection than easier methods such as eBay. There's absolutely no benefit to order from them other than the novelty of owning Bethel-used items.

  • NotFormer

    I can't see any point to buying old tat formerly owned by "The Faithful and Discrete Slave"(tm) beyond the novelty value. Perhaps to make a stop-frame animation video for YouTube, showing how your second hand spanner is possessed by the vengeful spirit of Judge Rutherford. But any second hand tools could be used for that.

    The second hand computers might be interesting if any recoverable data were left on there. But I doubt even the GB would be that stupid and I doubt that those computers contained anything of value.

  • JeffT

    Most organizations would just toss this stuff in the trash bin.

    Twenty-six years of real estate industry accounting here. Actually, these sales are fairly common in the construction and development industry. They don't generate a lot of income but it is still better than tossing it into the dump. There are a couple of large auction firms here in Seattle who will come get your stuff and put up for sale. Big stuff gets sold at auction, small stuff ends up in what looks like a big yard sale; nuts and bolts and the like get sold by the pound.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    The old London Bethel which has been sold to a Jewish millionaire are still selling off junk to this day.

    Watchtower House on the Ridgeway has been sold but the new owner has made some kind of a deal to have JWs still look after the place.

    apparently there are around 30 volunteers everyday doing maintenance and security and maybe slowly dismantling and selling off all the old equipment there.

    it’s mostly sold on eBay, yes watchtower has many eBay accounts and they always say free delivery and ask volunteers from local congregations to do all the deliveries 🤦‍♂️

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