King Richard the movie

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  • smiddy3

    I thought this needed to be said here.

    OK ,I watched this movie today and really enjoyed it .It focuses on Richard and Venus rise to fame mainly and is not backward in showing Richard as a bit of an egotistical asshole who pushes and drives his kids to what they became.Many times you got the feeling it was all about Richard doing it for himself. The girls played a good part and Will Smith does a fine job as Richard.

    I think that only JW`s and ex-JW`s would pick up from the movie that they were Jehovah`s Witnesses as it was really only alluded too in a couple of scenes.

    One where Richard gives a mealtime prayer and mentions the name Jehovah ( the only time it is mentioned in the movie ) and when a coach is berating him for taking the girls away from practice to go to" church" as he called it and mentioned the" Hall" which would go over most peoples head.

    If only 50% of this movie was fact it is well worth watching,I recommend it.

  • Iamallcool

    Thanks for your recommendation!

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