The Judicial Committee of my son and Lev.5:1

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    Bill Covert

    The WTBS posiotion on Lev.5:1 is that " people inform on there brothers per Wt 1987 Sept 1 article "A Time to Speak When" . The correct quotations presented here, the literalness was a refusal to foward 2 letters of criminal investigation into unregestered securties swindle $4,250,000, by elders of cong 'B', elders of cong 'A' were investors into the crook and deceived the WBTS in regard to Matt.18:16,17 to protect there monies. Service Dept Merton Campbell screwed up three major occassions,1 had the swindler and cronies conduct the investigation, 2 lied to District Overseer that Redding Fire now Battalion Commander recanted on warning WBTS as to court case of unregestered securties, 3 instructed a court case dealing with the swiondler swindling another widow out of a deed of trust the concluded 2 months prior to wife leaving marriage because I was a threat to her spirituality, this the result of my letter writing that Barbara was familure with in the 1990's. It was three years later that I hired a privite investigator who uncovered that case and when taped to church doors confronting the elder who was scared of swindler refusing to foward letters of criminal investigation it killeed him.

    The pertence of this case is that it is was what was refered to in the "Human Apostate" letter writting campaign of the 2013 convention. That letter writing centers around the church commentary of Lev.5:1 in Wt Sept 1987 and specificly connects to elders who deceived or refused to bear testimony to 20 plus year swindler. If there is a time when the church woul;d have to make justice right many elders would be disfellowshiped and cut off from their famlies, that they would not be able to take and it would kill them.

    The issues with the son are direct result of stress inflicted on the family due to a very wicked attack on the part of Merton Campbell of the service dept. Yes I am VERY aware of how busy Barbara is, and am not trying to run ahead but the mental health of son and what is facing makes it necessary to provide him with a measure hope. When Barbara finishes her part things will make more sence. I do think there is a possibility that the church will have to make a correction to there 'policy' of informing on your brothers as how all this has been assembled. It is very much out of the box thinking. There is a possibility that this could make the local papers. So just make a mental note that something interesting is happening in Redding Ca. There is 4 court cases, a forensic audit with the name of the Battalion Commander a JW, there is a city father /cop/ minister/ family counsellor who compiled a record of the church wrecking the family, there is a privite investigator hired, everything to make a powerful news story.

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    The WT and the Roman Catholic Church hierarchies have much in common on this regard. (Notice below the words I quote in bold.)

    Pulpit Commentary
    Verse 1. - The case of a witness on oath. If a man hear the voice of swearing, that is, if he was one of a number of persons adjured to speak according to the manner in which oaths were administered in Jewish courts of justice (see Matthew 26:63; 2 Chronicles 18:15), and he did not give evidence of what he had seen or heard, he had to bear his iniquity, that is, he was regarded as guilty; and as this was an offense which could be atoned for by a sacrifice, he was to offer as a sin offering a ewe lamb, or a female kid, or two turtle-doves, or two pigeons, or the tenth part of an ephah of flour. This injunction is a direct condemnation of the approved teaching of Italian moral theologians of paramount authority throughout the Roman Church, who maintain that, in case a crime is not known to others, a witness in a court of justice "may, nay, he is bound to, say that the accused has not committed it" (St. Alfonso de' Liguori, 'Theol. Mor.,' 4:154).

    “‘If someone* sins because he has heard a public call to testify*+ and he is a witness or has seen or learned about it and he does not report it, then he will answer for his error.


    “‘Now in case a soul+ sins in that he has heard public cursing*+ and he is a witness or he has seen it or has come to know of it, if he does not report+ it, then he must answer for his error.
    (NWT Reference Bible)


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    your post is hard to follow.

    But if you believe that elders when confronted by strong evidence of criminal activity in the cong will deal with it appropriately and honourably you are mistaken.

    If you have evidence of individuals doing criminal deals go to the Police. Reflect on the ghastly things revealed in the Australian Royal Commission into Child Abuse that elders knew about and the Australian 'Branch Office' knew about and neither did a damn thing!

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    I still can't follow. I know for a fact that Merton Campbell of the service department died a few years ago. His wife died too not to long ago.
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    Barrold Bonds
    I'm getting the feeling that the OP is a little off his rocker.
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    Ok, i thought i was the only one having a hard time following his post...

    It seems important what your saying, maybe someone can clarify?

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    Seems to me Bill is so wound up he is typing the keyboard with his fist .so hard to understand .I think I'll wait for the edited edition.
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    Merton Campbell, and his wife, used to be in my congregation on Staten Island NY, many years ago. Him and his wife Olga, HAVE indeed both passed away a few years ago.

    I do not know the details of the OP's "dealings" with Merton Campbell, but I can, from firsthand experience, say the Merton was a very haughty, and proud man. He was a "company" man through and through, and had been in Bethel since his teens. If I am not mistaken he even did time in prison for not going to war. If you knew him like I did, it would not have been out of "faith: in Jehovah that he didn't go to war, but ore likely because he was SCARED to.

    His "position" of being in the writing department at Bethel, was one he felt he deserved, and warranted, from his years of "service" to the Borg. He walked around like "who he was", and had an ego, "air" of superiority. To some, he did come off as "warm", and a "caring" older man, but that was only on the outside.

    If you did not fit within his "agenda", or go along with HIS self proclaimed leadership, and ways, then he would roll over you. He would think nothing of back-stabbing you, to fulfill his goals, or slandering someone based on "hearsay", or his whim of the day. I personally know of many families he has slandered, and elders he has "taken" out that didn't agree with him.

    I could see him, easily, lying for the BORG, or "hiding" discriminating information against the BORG, or stepping on the backs of the "lowly" rank and file, for the greater power, and status of the BORG. Again, he WAS a "company man" through, and through. The dangerous sort, who would care less about a little girls "well being", if it meant a bad "witness" against the WTBS.

    His wife, Olga, was even worse, at least when it came to being judgemental, and slanderous. She was all about her "status", and "high society" in Bethel, and the KH. If you were an elder, or an elders wife, she would kiss your ass, and put on the "show". If you were ANYTHING else, she did not even know your name, and I do mean this LITERALLY. She also, kept "friends" with those in the congregation that were considered wealthy, and I do not mean "spiritualy". I often witnessed "green" hand shakes going on between the Campbells, and their "friends".

    When Merton Campbell died, the WTBS lost one of their most fanatical, ultra loyal, company men. He was to the WTBS, what Joseph Goebbels was to the Nazi party during WW2. A "propaganda" minister for WTBS to the fullest sense.

  • punkofnice

    Since when did the watchtower corporation care what the scriptures say? They are a big business, not a genuine religion.

    if there is criminal activity, go to the police.

    The biggest bully on the boe makes the decisions, not any god....just men protecting a filthy, disgusting cult.

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