The Judicial Committee of my son and Lev.5:1

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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    My son just came by informing me of his judicial committe tomorrow. I gave him a packet of material surounding Lev.5:1 which is the culmination of 25 year project. If I have done everything right in my letter writting campaign then this move should bring about the demise of the lives of several elders! Some of the irony of this saga was that it was this son who was on the fire truck who did cpr on the main elder all the way to hospital [I killed him with a key board] who refused to warn the church about letters of criminal investigation pertaining to a $4,250,000 unregestered securties swindle.

    For two years I have been working on a project with Barbara Anderson as to Lev.5:1 and the RNWT revision of that verse. She has been a very busy lady hence it has been put on the back burner several times. She told me that even with my extensive knowledge of the real meaning that I will be amazed as to what she uncovered, so it will be a major writting as to how the new RNWT impacts church policies. Up to this point in time she is the only one I have been able to make see the new light on Lev.5:1. The plan was that I was to exercise patience [2 years] until she was able to post her reasearch, then I would post an explanation of how I was writing letters [those mentioned in the "Human Apostate" talk of the 2013 conventions] attacking guilty consciences of elders who involved with the swindling of seniors in the Redding Ca. area by a Raymond C. Dale. But events of the past couple of days necessitated using my angle, which is completely diffrent usage then where Barbara will be comming from.

    No point in getting into the substance of the letters refered to in the "Human Apostate" talk for it is useless without the understanding of Lev.5:1. So this post is of a event, the upfront challenge of the church to see if they are able to keep a lone man [Eccl.9:15,16] from delivering heart attacks upon their elder while the congregations watch. This is way up there in terms of long running conflicts 25 years and brutal contest the church has been in. In a phone conversation with Barbara out of the blue if per chance I was the man in northern Calif. who was the person who wrote the most offensive letters in the USA and that was in the 1990's. As to success or failure that remains to be seen. So keep your eye opened to the Redding Calif. area for something that should be pretty interesting.

    Bill Covert

  • 3rdgen

    Your post was hard for me to follow. What is your son being accused of?

    Edited to add: Lev. 5:1 seems pretty self-explanatory. If a person refuses to testify about a crime he witnessed he will be punished.

    Christians are supposedly not under this law but under its principle. How does this apply to your son?

  • Crazyguy
    The Borg doesn't care about Lev.5:1 or any other Bible verse. Just their dogma it has been proven time and time again.
  • Landy

    Anything he says to them will matter not one jot.

    Trying to convince them of anything will be as effective as Don Quixote was in his war against windmills.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Similar statement posted several months ago.

    and here:

    Is there a reason you want this squarely in Barbara Anderson's court and will not proceed without her? She is a busy lady and many have been in anticipation of her book she has been working on for ages. 25 years seems a long time for what seems like a serious issue to sit dormant. Do SOL come into play, or at this point is it more of an expose only for Watchtower?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    It doesn't matter which scripture anybody is being accused of not ''agreeing'' with. The Borg will go to any extent to quiet ''whistle blowers'' at anybody's expense.
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    That's the reality of it. The scriptures could say "the sky is blue" and if the Watchtower declares the scripture says "the sky is red" you either agree or are shown the door.
  • dubstepped
    I read that and ended up completely lost. Anyone cafe to clarify? Seems he has something against Lev 5:1 which is being used to try and disfellowship his son?
  • wannaexit

    Lev 5: 1'If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible.

    I also don't follow how this verse can cause "the demise" of many elders. More clarification is needed .

  • Watchtower-Free

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