wt inc described to a T -Rex.

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  • waton
    Beware the rise of corporate rituals designed to manipulate employees

    "Companies are increasingly looking to engender loyalty by tapping into our evolved need to belong. But the emotional costs of bonding sessions and other techniques can be high and the sense of belonging false, warns Jonathan R Goodman"

    HUMANS | COMMENT 20 July 2022

    By Jonathan R. Goodman

    from New Scientist Magazine who should know. goodies by goodman.

    Think of the ridiculous wt ritual to dress up for home sessions, complete with short wt studies, without paragraph reading, because members watched their summer program, perhaps at night? .

    wt inc? the gallopy gallopy machine.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    A worship of neckties, panty hose. I suspect that the over half who still zoom instead of traveling do not dress up with a few exceptions. On zoom only a few show pictures.

    It at times reminds me of children play dressing. Princess shirts, cowboy hat, capes, dinosaur outfits. Does Mattel make a kingdom hall set? I know lego adapts. Thanks Kevin.

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