Circuit Overseer Coming For Lunch – Everything Has to be Perfect

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  • SAHS

    We have the circuit overseer’s visit this week, and my folks are having him and his wife over for lunch today. Of course, I’m making it a point of hightailing it out of there to have my lunch elsewhere. When my mom asks me “Why don’t you stay and meet him,” I just say, “Well, he’s just a man like everybody else.” She says, “Well, of course. We know that. But you should stay and talk with him. He’s such a really nice man, and it would be really encouraging association to talk with him.”

    He’s just a man. Acknowledged, apparently. But whenever we’re going to have the circuit overseer and his wife over, my mom always goes on a little spree to make sure that everything is perfect, or at least appears to be. She makes sure that the bathroom is all cleaned up, and things are rearranged throughout the apartment and spiffed up to look extra presentable – more so than for just the usual guests, for sure. The dining tablecloth gets replaced with a really elite-looking one, things like the coffee table are all shined up, and there’s the pronounced smell of fine perfume in the air. All that just for lunch!

    The circuit overseer is “just a man,” as is duly and readily acknowledged. Yet, however, it sure seems like people definitely make a fuss over them, certainly above and beyond the usual guests.

    A very recent Watchtower study (Jan. 2016, p. 27), in the supplemental article “Love ‘Does Not Behave Indecently,’” counselled against making an overt show of idolization toward brothers with high positions in treating them as celebrities or some kind of movie stars. That article asked: “Would we ask them to autograph our books and Bibles? Would we push in front of others and aggressively demand that our photo be taken with them?” HOWEVER, there is a definite unwritten rule that things have to be “perfect” – or at least much more “perfect” than usual – whenever a residence is to be graced with the privilege of entertaining the circuit overseer, . . . . even for a so-called humble lunch.

    “Just a man,” indeed. But, my how things seem to have to be extra spotless and fancy whenever he comes by! Such adulation and exultation certainly shows up the intense feeling of reverence of the rank-and-file toward their higher-ups. (At least with the circuit overseer, unlike the Pope and the governing body members, there’s no “special ring” to kiss.)

  • Darkknight757

    Typical for when the CO comes for a visit. I even had one come by once. Made him a gluten free pizza because he had celiac disease. In and out in 40 minutes, just enough time to get his ass back to the hall. Didn't say a word in the way back. That was a long 15 minutes.😕

    Then on Sunday my wife bought him a pizza stone. Guess who became a MS after that visit?😎

  • WasOnceBlind
    This reminds me of years back (about 15) in the memorial an "anointed one" was present. I remember after the memorial was over people were lining up to take pictures with him, like if he was a celebrity. I didn't know TATT at the time but even I thought that was a bit ridiculous. He was just a man, and probably a crazy one at that if he heard voices in his head telling him to partake.
  • Londo111

    "Just a man". Also "appointed by Holy Spirit" and a "star" in the right hand of Jesus.

    Classic doublethink.

  • Finkelstein

    CO's are just middle management personal for the WTS who travels about from congregation to congregation evaluating how well the congregation is doing in the public distribution of the WTS's publications.

    He's there to pump up the service work as it were " There's very little time left brothers and sisters "

  • Giordano

    So SAH your subject and your image reminded me of a CO who came for lunch And I was invited by my friend to join the lunch.

    Now this CO was a rising star at least in his own mind. He loved to talk and he loved to pray......... damn did he love to pray!

    So he's asked to give thanks and we all bow our heads......... a minute passes and he hasn't even taken a breath and out of the corner of my eye the family dog has become curious about what's going on. He circles the table and whines a little then slips under the table where he's now sitting on my shoe just sitting there licking himself. He's really making some noise but the CO is unfazed........ we are into the third minute. I'm keeping track as my buddy and I had a bet down on how long this guy would pray.

    So I'm getting restless and I flex my foot and the dog raises up a little and I lower my foot and the dog must like it cause his tail starts thumping. So we go up and down we're both having fun and then the dog stands up and buries his snout in my private parts! I push him away and the person next to me jumps and then the next person and now my buddy and I are starting to laugh we slap our hands across our mouth to keep the laughter in so our laughter is trapped but growing louder our heads are bowed as the dog is working his way around the table head and snout bumping his way toward the CO who is still praying. A few others were starting to giggle and finally with every eye on him the CO gets the bounce and he stops his prayer and looks at the dog rolls his eyes and finishes the prayer. The dog is hauled into a back room by my buddy and me and we finally got to laugh out loud. It took a while before we were able to rejoin the lunch.

    No one mentioned the dog. It was like it never happened. That was one contented dog however.

  • millie210

    If they dont want people asking them to autograph Bibles and such - they shouldnt be giving them rock star billing to begin with.

    When Morris gave the closing talk at the convention in Atlanta, it began to storm heavily. He said the brothers asked him to announce that everyone should remain in the building for 15 minutes after the closing prayer for their safety in the lightening.

    He then said that unlike his big brother he couldnt stay the storm.


    Did he just SAY that????

    Yep. He was joking about Jesus being his big brother who could still a storm but Anthony couldnt.....yet.

    It was a puke worthy moment.

    That kind of thinking is where the problem of autograph seeking begins.

    Like Londo said - classic double think/speak.

  • Lostwun

    Oh yea, I remember how everyone in my old congregation used to be grumpy as hell every meeting yet when it was CO visit time the same people would act all chipper and joyful out of the blue. I found it funny too how the same people and elders who would never speak to you any other time would suddenly come out of the woodworks and start speaking like normal and acting all happy while the CO was around.

    Its amazing how i saw through the fakeness of the whole visit even before learning the ttatt.



    A very recent Watchtower study (Jan. 2016, p. 27), in the supplemental article “Love ‘Does Not Behave Indecently,’” counselled against making an overt show of idolization toward brothers with high positions in treating them as celebrities or some kind of movie stars. That article asked: “Would we ask them to autograph our books and Bibles?

    God won`t Autograph your Bible..But..

    If your a Cuban Public Official..

    The WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Popes will Autograph Your Bible..



    Image result for Angry god....


    Want To


    Governing Body Autographs Gift Bibles For Cuban Authorities.

  • Lostwun

    OUTLAW- There motto is "DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

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