JW.org vs. Cross: Honestly What's The Difference?

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  • Hadriel

    I have a family member that goes nuts with these little things. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a drawer full of underwear stamped with the logo.

    It is completely out of hand. Now I'm not nitpicking here but what is the difference between printing a cross/wearing a cross than wearing a jw.org pin, tie-tack or whatever other logo'd item?

    Do people not look at both with some sort of authority and reverence? I'd say yes. How is this any less than the idolatry that Witnesses accuse so called Christendom of?


  • ToesUp

    One is a symbol used by Christendom. The other is used by a cult. JW dot org is approved by the GB,the other is not.

    It's kind of like dancing and singing in the Kingdom hall/Assembly halls is not right until the GB puts it's stamp of approval on it. Once the GB does that the head bobbing begins and it's the best thing since sliced bread.


  • juandefiero

    In my opinion, there is no difference.

    Non-denominational Christians use the cross in the exact same way JW's use the JW . ORG logo.

    Compare it to Catholics though, and the argument can definitely be made that they "worship" the cross or at the very least, use the cross in worship. (Rosary)

    However, the vast majority of protestant religions do not treat the cross the way Catholics do.

  • Hadriel
    Good point on the Protestants.
  • Vidiot
    At least crucifixes often have a degree of artistic and aesthetic value (as opposed to a corporate-style box logo).
  • Hadriel
    I do some branding stuff, yeah that logo is about as bad as it gets. Zero artistic value, standard fonts used etc.
  • BluesBrother

    You are right. It is the same - in principle.

    Dubs wear the logo as a statement of their faith, a sort if "in your face" flaunting of it. They also hope that someone will casually say " What is that badge for?" ....Then they are away with an informal witness (and the report time-clock starts ticking)


    JW.org vs. Cross: Honestly What's The Difference?

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