Changing name on organization

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  • asp59

    When people hear the name Jehovah instead of thinking about God, they think about a religion or organization. With all the problems with child abuse and the downhill motion the organization been having. Do you think they change name of organization? Maybe to former one 'Bible students'

  • Perry

    Witnesses for Jesus is already taken.

    But since Joseph Rutherford came up with the name, I'm thinking Joe's Witnesses might be more appropriate. And if you say Joe's Witnesses real fast, it almost sounds the same. Just a thought.

  • sparky1

    Good one, Perry!

    "Ye are my witnesses, even my servant whom I have chosen."- JOEhovah

  • stuckinarut2

    Well, with the LOVE they now have for the logo, they may as well just be called jwdotorgs !

    When I grew up, we were scolded if we ever dared to say we were "jaydubs" It was tantamount to blasphemy!

    NOW though, all witnesses are happy to call them selves "jwdotorg"

    So maybe thats the new name?

  • carla

    Do current jw's realize that people call them 'jehovahs'? As in, "the jehovah's were at my door", "the guy is really big jehovah" (meaning very zealous) and so forth. I never correct people when they do that, just a little silent giggle on my part and let them keep calling them 'the jehovahs'.

    Do jw's get insulted by this? or do they just figure the non jw's are bunch of uneducated dopes who will get theirs at the big A?

    "When I grew up, we were scolded if we ever dared to say we were "jaydubs" It was tantamount to blasphemy!"- when my jw joined up and I called them jw's (jaydubbya's) he thought the same and now? he will use the term no problem! nutjobs.

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