Another Interesting conversation with my father today

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  • joe134cd

    Dad - Sister X had been visiting a lawyer as she is wanting to write her disfellowshipped daughter out of her will. Apparently her lawyer told her that if she leaves the daughter just $1000 then she can’t contest the will because she has been given her inheritance.

    joe - oh thats unfortunate for the daughter as sister X is worth many times that. No doubt despite been dfed she has still got to pay bills and survive.

    Dad - sister X isn’t happy about the life style her daughter is living. Apparently she has shacked up with this guy who’s brother is a lawyer. She actually hasnt seen her daughter in 12 years.

    joe - I feel sorry for the grand kids.

    Dad - Well if she played her cards right and returned to jehovah she wouldn’t be in this situation.

    joe - yes that’s exactly what I was thinking too, about playing your cards right to avoid an unfortunate situation

    conversation ends.

  • jp1692

    Well that’s a sad story, but—the way you tell it—everyone involved (except the grand kids) is a selfish little drama queen that deserves just exactly what they get.

  • smiddy3

    I`m not sure that I`ve got it right but is it another example of a JW trying to blackmail another back into the religion ?

  • joe134cd

    The point I was trying to make was that I am doing exactly the same thing in order to avoid a similar situation

  • jp1692

    Well, if that was your point, it wasn’t clear—at least not to me.

    Either way, it’s a huge mistake to behave this way, and you shouldn’t do it either.

  • carla

    I have heard so many stories of jw's attempting to bribe people back into the org and I don't understand it at all. I have heard of using hard cash, inheritances, refrigerators, washer & driers,cars, etc....

    Would they really want someone back who is only there for material things? What is the point then? I guess it shows that jw's really do not care one iota about someones true beliefs or spiritual needs or beliefs. "If you come back we don't care if you believe Mickey Mouse is God just don't mention it, go to all the meetings and fs and then we will love you as far as the wt lets us."

    Makes perfect sense

  • Gayle

    Didn't GB Morris suggest recently that if kids don't get baptized, then they shouldn't be allowed to get their license to drive either (a strong-arm method, true).

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