Let's Get Physical

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  • Funchback

    Rap, Earth, Wind and Fire, 'Let's Get Physical'.... Types of music, performers and songs I wasn't allowed to listen to as a person in the JW corporation.

    I remember Jane, a self-appointed annointed, counseled me because I was an 11-year-old boy singing 'Let's Get Physical' after a meeting. I remember watching the video simply believing it was about exercise...LOL! But holy roller Jane just had to try to ruin it for me, causing me to ponder, 'What else could it mean?'. It's so silly. The video, to me, was funny: Chubby guys working out, not one half-naked lady, and then a bunch of muscle men who all turn out to be gay at the end.

    Let's see, I didn't become gay because of the video. I didn't develop a sexual attraction to Olivia Newton-John. How was this song or video going to corrupt me?

    Oh, wait...I did grow up to be a chubby man, though. Oops.

  • freemamaof3

    I was never allowed to listen to Metallica. I got a cd from my brother and it was thrown in the trash. IT WAS THE BLACK ALBUM... Now tho, I have every cd of theirs and my kids love Metallica. No wheels on the bus in our car lol We are an Enter Sandman kind of family lolololol

  • Funchback


    Your response was awesome!

    Keep rockin'!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies
    a self-appointed annointed

    What other kind of anointed is there??

    No Apologies

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