Lizz Huerta, writer, storyteller and performer, grown up as JW-child

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    Lizz Huerta is writer, storyteller and performer from San Diego, California has grown up as a JW child. She wrote a story about the fear of firestorm and how she handled christmas, published on xojone and facebook too. Good read.

    "It happened to me: I grew up Jehovah's witness"
    I learned quickly that the kid who tells everyone they’re going to die in a firestorm isn’t terribly popular.

    “Ho ho ho!” The man boomed. My younger cousins shrieked in excitement. I grimaced. “Come, sit here.” He beckoned to me. I had wanted this my entire life, to sit on Santa’s lap, to regale him with my Christmas wishes but it felt horrible, sinful. I was twelve years old. I was celebrating Christmas for the first time."
    I published this a couple of years ago. The holidays always remind me of all the weirdness of growing up J-Dub, especially this time of year.

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