Movies, Memories and Those darn hallmark card commercials.

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  • LyinEyes

    Yeah I watched another Hallmark movie tonite,,,,,,,,I think it was called , A Painted House, or The Painted House? Of course it is my designated job in our house to cry at all the sentimental movies, and darn this one did it for me as expected. I cried even harder at the hallmark greeting cards commercials..........( the one about the old father who got a card from his grown daughter,,omg)

    It made me cry because it reminded me of the bond my youngest son has with his Pappaw and their love of their old red tractor.

    My son was sleeping by me tonite, after a hard days play with the cousins at Pappaws house, it had been awhile since he has seen his Pap,,,,,,,he was off working.

    My kids always laugh at me for crying over these movies, and it is predictable that the floodgates of tears are going to make a show when watching them. The movies , and other ones like these, just make me think of family values, what is really important and how lucky I am to have my family.

    I looked at my 8 yr old son and just held his little hand as he slept, looking at all the cuts , scraps and wear and tear on him at such a young age,,,,,,,,,all that playing takes it toll ,,,,lol. Then I saw some of the scars he had when he was a little sick baby boy in the NICU, and how those scars will always be with him. It made me so thankful to have the chance to be a mother, and it made me wish the days would drag by , like the hot days of our Louisiana summers. This summer will be one of soaking all of my childrens glory in , to bottle it up and save it for a day they are no longer by my side.

    My oldest Jake is almost a man,,,,,,,, I think soon he will be leaving me to go start his life, a few years from now, but looking back on the day he was born , it seems time has gone by so fast and to think of only three years maybe of him being here, is not alot of time left.

    My daughter is 10, she is changing from a little girl to a young lady,,,,although her body is changing , she is fighting it ever step of the way with her tomboy ways,,,,,,,, I think she rolls in the dirt to detract from the fact that she is a I look at her barbies in our bathtub and realise , one day they will not be there anymore,,,,,,,,,maybe for my granddaughters , but they will not be there forever for my Kelly. She will put them away and move on to other things.

    I guess watching movies is one of my favorite things, and even the corney movies, make you stop and think sometimes just how blessed you really are,,,,,, I really feel blessed, even thru the bad times in my life, Life is beautiful, it is too short, and it makes me see that each and every day shouldnt be wasted with our families, especially our children. One day you are holding them close to your heart on your lap and the next you are watching them grow further and further away , as it was intended to be. But a mother's heart I think just keeps them there ,,, Even when Jake, Kelly and Chance are grown, to big to sit on my lap, or sleep on my bed, or be in my house everyday,,,,,,,,I will always remember them at every age they have been,,,,,, the memory of it all is forever in my heart. Our memories are precious, and I think it is good for us to open the door and go in,,,,,,,and take a look around at our memories ,,,,,,,, it just makes us see how precious time really is with our children.

  • Gopher


    Your post inspired a series of random rambling thoughts:

    If you ever make it up to Kansas City, you just have to go tour the Hallmark world headquarters!! (Since you're such a fan of theirs.) Everything about their history that you could imagine is packed in there.

    Movies are great -- because of how they amplify certain things about life. Sometimes we get an outsider's viewpoint on things that even happened to us. So just when you think you're watching a movie for a little escape, BOOM - it hits you between the eyes and your emotion gets swept away.

    It's amazing that this can happen on the small screen (with the possibility of so many distractions). I really get blown away when I go to the big-screen cinema.

    My daughter is 4. Just two years ago she could barely talk. Two years from now she'll be nearing her graduation from kindergarten. I treasure every moment I have with her (which is Friday night thru Sunday night)...She's growing up fast.

    - Jeff

  • LyinEyes

    I am glad you understand what I am talking about Gopher, just feeling a little sentimental tonite and thought about taking this post off, but decided to keep it up,,,,,,,,, I always bare my deepest feelings and when I do, especially about my kids,I feel so scared that some may think I go a little overboard.

  • Princess

    Those Hallmark movies are usually really good. I didn't like this one as much, probably because I read the book which was quite good.

    They do make good commercials though. The one where the dad goes to read his birthday card from his daughter got me too. I really liked the elevator one too. Made me think of all my girlfriends I lost touch with because I was a dub and they weren't. Almost inspired me enough to look up a couple!

    Nice post Dede. It reminded me of the song by Trace Adkins, I think it's called "And they do". About your kids driving you crazy and you can't wait for them to grow up, and they do and you miss everything that used to drive you crazy. Have you heard it? It really makes me stop and appreciate them now. I tend to look forward to the next stage instead of appreciating and enjoying the stage they are at.

  • LyinEyes

    You know Princess I was talking to someone about my kids and how I feel , very similar to what I am saying in this post and they said what I said reminded them of that song to, and asked if I have heard it. Weird,,,,,,,because I still havent heard the song. I am going to have to download it to see what yall are talking about,,,,,,,,,,,, from what you said about the song, I am sure I will love it.

    I am not a big Trace Adkins fan, because he used to live about 6 miles down the road from us in the next little town and he has a reputation,,,,,,,,,by everyone,,,,,,,,,,that he is kind of stuck on himself. I like some of his stuff thou, and I will take a listen to that song you talked about.

    My kids take over the radio, and I never get to listen to country music much anymore,,,,,,, only time I listen to music , current stuff is in the truck......and I am usually with at least one kid who has....................."called my radio", lol.

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